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A database of legitimate news media built on quality, not quantity.

Find up-to-date journalists with ease

With over 100k verified journalists, OnePitch makes pitching, connecting, and securing stories easier than ever.

Spending hours researching journalists to pitch is no longer the norm. Make sure you have the most important information about journalists readily available to maximize your pitching success.


A wide range of options for each campaign or client

Browse through the journalist database ranging from top-tier publications, to trade and local publications, newspapers, and business journals. Never worry about outdated profiles or incorrect contact information.

Target journalists near and far

Whether your news is geared towards the local paper or fit for the most sought-after national publication, you can expect a wide range of coverage focused on experts and companies in the US. Filter matches and search results to better target journalists focused on the news you want to share.

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Quality, accuracy, and dependability

Verified journalist profiles that are updated daily by real humans who research and verify information including role, bio, location, social media links, and business email.

“I really value the transparency of the opportunities I find on OnePitch. Unlike other platforms, OnePitch provides the name of the publication that has posted the request, enabling me to make informed decisions about whether or not I would like to participate.

This transparency empowers me to move conversations about my profession forward. I firmly believe that all good things start with a conversation, and OnePitch grants me the opportunity to initiate those valuable interactions.”

- Amanda Russo, Cornerstone Paradigm Consulting, LLC

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