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Improve your PR outcomes by finding the most relevant journalists
to connect with and cover your news.

A simplified PR solution for teams of all sizes

OnePitch enables individuals and teams to streamline research, simplify pitching, manage relationships, and track results. Enhance your PR strategy with a suite of tools that not only cut down the time it takes you to pitch but also automate the process.

It’s time for PR professionals to simplify their processes and amplify their results.

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Human-verified database of legit journalists

With over 100k journalists spanning several different industries, you'll find local, regional, and national media covering news about the US market and abroad. Get access to their emails, locations, social media handles, and recent articles. (bonus: we keep all of this up to date for you)

Journalist recommendations you can count on

Let us do the hard lifting of researching and building your media lists. Whether you want to find journalists via a pitch or use the search feature to browse articles about competitors, you can quickly find relevant journalists and connect with them in minutes not hours.

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Journalist-approved checklists and performance reports

Leverage pitch and email checklists to ensure you have all the right information journalists are looking for. View detailed insights about how your pitches are performing and download reports to share with clients and managers.

"Managing numerous pitches, decks, and media lists can feel overwhelming when you have to do it all day long.

Fortunately, OnePitch has revolutionized the pitching process and enabled me to stay highly organized. It's an essential tool that has saved me significant time and is now a part of my daily routine."

- Amore Philip, Comms Director at Apples & Oranges Public Relations

But it doesn't stop with the database...

  • Receive curated media lists for every piece of news you have

  • Submit unlimited pitches and receive journalist results within 3 seconds

  • Create detailed media lists to share with teams and clients

  • Send and track follow-ups directly through your profile after 2 days of submitting your pitch

  • Keep track of pitches with an automated pitch tracking system

  • Filter by keyword, topic, or outlet to find niche journalists to pitch your news to

  • Keep track of key conversions, like responses and placements, all from your dashboard

  • View previous interactions with relevant journalists on the activity timeline

Let's get started.

See OnePitch Scores in action by signing up and creating an account below.

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