Invites to our beta version are open.

For journalists, freelancers, editors and legit people in media

Your problem

Dozens of useless or misdirected pitches emailed to you every day.

Our solution

One simple email a day with pinpointed pitches YOU tell us you want.

For PR agencies, publicists and in-house PR professionals

Your problem

Endless hours of researching contacts you think will like your pitch only to receive little response.

Our solution

An easy platform that distributes pitches daily to precise media contacts who then contact you directly.

How does OnePitch work?


Media contacts fill out their current areas of interest.


PR professionals load in formatted pitches.


Our technology matches pitches with media contacts.


Media contacts get an email once a day with every pitch that exactly fits their interest.


Media contacts reach out to PR professionals directly.


That's it. No more bitching about pitching.

Why OnePitch

OnePitch was created by a handful of tech-savvy publicists and journalists who believe that the PR industry is long overdue for some innovation.

The way publicists interact with journalists now seems as inefficient as using a typewriter today.

We're changing this with OnePitch.


Invites to our beta version are open