Pitch More Effectively And Build Better Relationships

OnePitch is a tool for connecting tech innovators, creators, and storytellers. We push relevant stories and sources to journalists who write about them. It’s time to make pitching the easiest part of everyone’s job.

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Journalists are missing good stories. Publicists cannot get stories to the right person.
OnePitch filters and eliminates bad pitches. We connect publicists with journalists who can tell their story.

Tech PR & Comms Professionals

Pitch your story using our 3-step template and we’ll find the right journalist to respond to your pitch. No more media lists, media databases, or hours spent trying to reach tech media professionals.

OnePitch helps public relations professionals save time pitching journalists by focusing on the most important part, the story. Tell us what you’re pitching, why it’s newsworthy, and we’ll find the right journalist to connect you with.

Pitch coaches (aka real journalists) review your pitch before a journalist receives it. They provide feedback and recommendations to help you pitch more effectively and reach the right journalists with the right message.

Tech Media Professionals need to know about brands and have an easy way to contact them. Create a profile for each brand and client you work with and journalists can easily learn more about them and contact you when they’re in need of a source.

Tech Media Professionals

Identify relevant sources, brands, and stories and easily connect with them via email or by phone. Every source is verified, each pitch is reviewed, and every brand has accurate information to reference.

Checking email after email is time consuming. We deliver you one email per day with a list of pitches and sources you can contact directly.

Finding can be a headache. Search through the Brand Index for brands and sources you want to speak with. Research their online presence and contact them directly from your profile.

Meeting deadlines can be tough. Submit an inquiry to reach verified experts who can provide you with commentary, quotes, and any relevant information you request in real-time.