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OnePitch is a tool for tech communicators, creators, and storytellers. We find relevant journalists to pitch based on the story you tell us.

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Press Features

December 16, 2021

OnePitch adds more media relations tools

SAN DIEGO: OnePitch, a PR pitching platform, is releasing a slew of tools for users that increase its contact management capabilities. Among these tools is an email analytics function, which will allow OnePitch users to gain a detailed understanding of which pitches have been opened by journalists. In addition to open rates, PR pros can see which links journalists clicked on within the pitch itself.

By Natasha Bach
December 7, 2021

5 Ways to Grow an Audience for Your Podcast

“Breaking through” can mean different things depending on your objectives. If you’re looking to use your podcast to grow your customer base, then reach and metrics such as downloads are paramount. If, however, you’re seeking to shift brand perception, you might look for improvements measured by engagement and follow-up research.

By Mat Zucker
August 27, 2021

Unlocking the Secrets of Great Pitching

The PR Podcast is your view inside the public relations business. We talk with great PR people, reporters and communicators on how they weave narratives that are informative and fun. Host Jody Fisher has worked in New York City PR for more than 20 years, representing clients across the healthcare, higher education, financial services, real estate, entertainment and non-profit verticals. Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @ThePRPodcast.

By The PR Podcast
June 24, 2021

OnePitch adds feature to recommend journalists for pitches

SAN DIEGO: OnePitch has launched a tool that assists PR professionals in pitching journalists. The PR platform, which assists users in finding relevant journalists, pitching stories, managing conversations and tracking results, is free...

By Betsy Kim
April 20, 2021

Earned Media Tips from Journalists at Top-Tier Media Outlets

A few weeks ago, we highlighted data from a recent survey that MuckRack did with journalists to gain knowledge on how they like to be pitched, how the industry has evolved in the past year, and how their relationships with communicators are going...

By Gini Dietrich
March 15, 2021

Tech Talk: Beck Bamberger, CEO of OnePitch and founder of BAM

What is OnePitch in layman's terms?

We are solving a huge problem for publicists and journalists: streamlining the pitching process. OnePitch is a platform that allows publicists to upload a pitch and get a very specific, short media list based on that specific pitch. Each journalist is rated with how well their coverage would be a fit for the pitch...

By Aleda Stam

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