About Us

OnePitch’s mission is simple: to connect the right journalists to the right pitches.

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Our Mission
End bad pitches. Start great stories.

OnePitch was created by a handful of tech-savvy publicists, rad data geeks, and former journalists who believe that the PR industry is long overdue for some innovation.

Combined, we have decades of experience coding, pitching, writing, and making natural language processing work.

Above all, we want publicists and journalists to work more efficiently and happily ever after so great stories get told in the world.

Our Mantras

We believe in simplicity: Everything we create at OnePitch is easy to use, seamless, and intuitive.

We believe in the power of the press: Progress in society happens when the press is free and robust. We support our journalists.

We believe in NOT wasting time: That’s why we connect publicists to journalists efficiently and effectively so everyone can make great stories happen.

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Our Core Values

Better together: We can get a lot more done when all of us believe working together is better. Together embodies our team approach and spirit for publicists, journalists, and our community at large.

Total transparency: We don’t hide our work, technology, ideas, or how PR actually works. Transparency builds trust among all of us.

Kind respect: For every person who works at OnePitch, is part of our OnePitch community, and is a publicist or journalist out in the world, we treat everyone with respect and with kindness.

Golden retriever: We’re reliable, adaptable, hard working, and positive, just like a golden retriever. It’s not our mascot, but a golden retriever is our essence at OnePitch.

Leadership Team

Founder Beck Bamberger
Beck Bamberger
Founder Jered Martin
Jered Martin
Co-Founder & COO
Zank Bennett
Zank Bennett
Kendall Aldridge
Kendall Aldridge
Marketing Manager
Yemisi Oduye
Yemisi Oduye
Full Stack Web Developer
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Our History

  1. September 2017
    Launched BETA Service
  2. August 2018
    Featured in The Next Web
  3. October 2018
    Quick Pitch 2018 Finalist
  4. January 2020
    OnePitch 2.0 Launch
  5. November 2020
    OnePitch Scores Launch
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