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From pitch analyses to templates, here’s your list of resources found exclusively on OnePitch.

Learn the ins & outs of pitching, journalist preferences, and more through OnePitch eBooks & guides.
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State of Pitching Report

A comprehensive overview of 50 reporters, editors, and freelancers from 39 various top tier and trade publications with a print & digital presence. The report looks at 3 different subject areas including pitches, inbox, and beat/coverage.

Voice Amplifier

PR 101 eBook

It’s important to target the right journalist with the right pitch. Here are 3 different examples of successful pitches that followed a strong format, included a newsworthy angle, and resulted in coverage.

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Pitch Templates

We know how long it takes to write pitches, which is why we created these easily digestible pitch templates that highlight the most important information you should include for the topic you are pitching.

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