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“Coffee with a Journalist” features candid conversations with top tier editors, reporters, and journalists who share their publicist pet peeves, pitching best practices, outlook on the future of journalism, and more.

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Here’s our most recent guest:

  • July 16, 2024
    Cloey Callahan, WorkLife
    Our guest on today’s episode of Coffee with a Journalist is Cloey Callahan, Senior Reporter at WorkLife, part of Digiday. Cloey covers how modern workplaces and workforces are changing across culture, technology, talent, leadership, spaces, diversity, equity & inclusion. During the episode, Cloey discusses how to get front of the line status in her email […]

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“I speak from the perspective of someone who was a guest on this lively show. Beck Bamberger does a great job of setting a relaxed tone that produces an entertaining and informative conversation that makes a download worth the time for the listeners, particularly for public relations professionals. I recommend giving it a whirl”

A mild mannered reporter

“PR pros - if you aren’t listening to this podcast you need to! Each week this podcast goes behind the scenes with well known journalists and gives you insight into what they are working on, tips for pitching, what they do and don’t like. You sometimes learn personal info which you can leverage in your pitches. We all know that cutting through the weeds and getting a reporters attention is getting harder and harder but this podcast gives you the tools to get a reporter to respond and get your client the coverage they want!!!! Make sure you add this to your list of favorites.”


“I have listened to several episodes of this podcast and have found them extremely valuable. The journalists on the show share tips about what they look for in pitches, the dynamics of their team/outlets, how they compile their stories, and what their thoughts are on the changing journalism landscape.

All PR pros should be listening to this podcast! It’s been so helpful. ”


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