“Coffee with a Journalist” features candid conversations with top tier editors, reporters, and journalists who share their publicist pet peeves, pitching best practices, outlook on the future of journalism, and more.

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Dec 07, 2021

Kayleigh Barber, Digiday

Our guest on today’s show is Kayleigh Barber, media editor for Digiday. Kayleigh covers revenue diversification within the digital media industry, including e-commerce, licensing, virtual events and membership. Some other areas of focus for her include blockchain, crypto and the metaverse, the future of work, diversity and inclusion, and other large industry trends.

She is the co-host of the Digiday Podcast. She is a host and moderator for Digiday and other industry events, including the Digiday Publishing Summit, and she works on editorial projects ranging from topical guides to podcasting.

During the episode, Kayleigh shares more about her preference for pitches and subject lines, why sending one follow up email is okay with her, her favorite types of compliments about her work, and lots more.

Nov 30, 2021

Jeff Benson, Decrypt

Today’s guest is Jeff Benson, senior editor for Decrypt. Jeff covers a wide range of crypto news including NFTs, cryptocurrencies, crypto trading companies, and more. He’s also worked with organizations such as UNICEF and spent time in Uganda as a consultant.

During the episode, Jeff shares more about pitching thought leaders on the site, how to approach him with exclusives, his favorite stories to write, and so much more.

Nov 09, 2021

Angela Moscaritolo, PCMag

Our guest today is Angela Moscaritolo, smart home and wearables analyst for PCMag. She reviews fitness trackers, smartwatches, robot vacuums, connected exercise equipment, and more.

During the episode, Angela tells us about all the products she gets to unbox and review, the components of a pitch she looks for most, her love for yoga, and more.

May 25, 2021

“It’s sort of like, you scan [subject lines] for keywords where if it’s just like — sometimes if it’s really opaque, like I got one that says, “Tech revives retail industry.” I’m like, I don’t know what that means and it’s probably like when I’m going through 130 emails and making split decisions about whether to archive it or not. That’s not going to get me.”

– Victoria Song, Gizmodo
Nov 02, 2021

Emmy Liederman, Adweek

Today on the podcast, we’re chatting with Emmy Liederman, agencies reporter for Adweek. Emmy started at Adweek as breaking news and audience engagement intern in May of 2020 before being hired full-time as an e-commerce reporter.

During the episode, Emmy starts by breaking down the effects of cultural moments in pitches she receives, her personal thoughts on the best branding, what the best sources can do to reach her, and more.

Oct 26, 2021

Katie Notopoulos, BuzzFeed News

Our guest today is Katie Notopoulos, a senior technology reporter for BuzzFeed News. Katie covers tech and internet culture including topics such as privacy, news and investigations about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, personal tech, influencers and the FTC, social media trends, and looking into the strange and wonderful (or not) characters that make up the internet.

During the episode, Katie talks more about her role & beat, her honest thoughts on pitches in her inbox, how she circles back to sources, and more.

Oct 19, 2021

Rebecca Jennings, Vox

Today, on Coffee with a Journalist, we’re joined by Rebecca Jennings, a senior reporter at Vox. More specifically, Rebecca covers internet culture for The Goods. Previously she was a video producer and host at Racked, and before that, she covered fashion, New York City retail, and local goings-on at Brooklyn Magazine, The L Magazine, and Time Out New York.

On the episode, Rebecca starts by telling us about her 70,000 unread emails, the types of stories that pique her interest, her favorite reality TV show, and more.

Tomio Geron, Protocol
Oct 12, 2021

Becca Szkutak, Forbes

Today, we’re joined by Becca Szkutak, a venture capital reporter at Forbes. Becca covers micro VCs, startups, and fundraising. She is also the co-author of the Midas Touch newsletter. Prior to joining Forbes, she was a reporter for Venture Capital Journal and Private Debt Investor.

During the episode, Becca talks about reading and responding to pitches, the range of stories she enjoys diving into, her favorite quarantine activity, and more.

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“PR pros - if you aren’t listening to this podcast you need to! Each week this podcast goes behind the scenes with well known journalists and gives you insight into what they are working on, tips for pitching, what they do and don’t like. You sometimes learn personal info which you can leverage in your pitches. We all know that cutting through the weeds and getting a reporters attention is getting harder and harder but this podcast gives you the tools to get a reporter to respond and get your client the coverage they want!!!! Make sure you add this to your list of favorites.”

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“I have listened to several episodes of this podcast and have found them extremely valuable. The journalists on the show share tips about what they look for in pitches, the dynamics of their team/outlets, how they compile their stories, and what their thoughts are on the changing journalism landscape.

All PR pros should be listening to this podcast! It’s been so helpful. ”

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