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The one tool to help PR and communication professionals enhance PR capabilities by finding the most relevant journalists to cover their news.

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OnePitch offers a range of services for PR, marketing, and communications professionals.

A simplified PR solution.

OnePitch is a first-of-its-kind PR software that allows your team to streamline research, simplify pitching, manage relationships, and track results and placements. Enhance your PR strategy with a suite of tools that not only cuts down the time it takes you to pitch, but also automates the process.

It’s time for PR professionals to be able to simplify their PR proccesses and amplify their results.

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Pitch Feedback

Submit and edit pitches to receive real-time feedback taken from journalists.

Select one of the upload options to submit a pitch to receive pitch tips taken directly from journalists. Improve previously submitted pitches with feedback on your what & why sections, your pitch content and context, and more.

Curated media lists for the news you’re trying to share.

Take the guesswork out of pitching by telling us who and what your pitch is about. From there, we will find all the most relevant journalists to pitch to get your story covered. It’s as easy as that.

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Pitch Mail Compose

Send pitches and follow ups directly through your profile.

With our in-platform email tool, there’s no need to switch between your inbox and the application to send your pitch and follow ups to journalists. Conduct outreach through your profile and reap the benefits of receiving feedback on your pitch, easy contact management, and advanced tracking metrics.

View past interactions with relevant journalists.

Take an in-depth look at past interactions with journalist matches who you’ve emailed, had conversations with, or added a media list. Easily keep track of all your journalist interactions and engagement with a timeline of your activity.

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Track your most important conversations.

Track your email outreach with an automated pitch tracking system. Identify opens, clicks, responses, and placements you’ve secured with the journalists you’ve pitched through your profile. Also, view email pitch metrics on a per-pitch and monthly basis.

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“I really love that it matches me with relevant journalist because it saves me a lot of time hunting around. The OnePitch team is great - any time I've had questions, you've been incredibly responsive.

The tools and content you put out are relevant and appreciated.”
- Kamie Stephens, ARTEMIA Communications
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Public Relations Capabilities


Save time and quickly access more relevant journalists to pitch directly through your profile


Keep track of pitches with an automated pitch tracking system


Submit unlimited pitches and receive journalist results within 10 seconds


Filter journalists by tags to find niche reporters to pitch your news to


Create and export detailed media lists to share with teams and clients


Keep track of key conversions, like responses and placements, all from your dashboard


Send and track follow-ups directly through your profile after 2 days of submitting your pitch


View previous interactions with relevant journalists in the journalist timeline

Let's get started.

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