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Simple, low-cost pricing with unlimited benefits for teams of all sizes.

PR Tools shouldn't cost thousands of dollars.

That's why we've created the most affordable and effective tool for finding journalists.

Generate a precise media list for every pitch you submit, making it easier for your team to drive interest with relevant journalists, secure more placements, and increase brand awareness.

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All Access

Unlimited access to all the tools needed to streamline media relations.

$50 per month

This Includes

Journalist Recommendations

Journalist & Article Search

Custom Media Lists

Send & Track Emails

Email Reports

Pitch & Email Checklists

Pitch Checker

Take the guesswork out of pitching by making sure your pitch includes all the info journalists look for in the stories they cover.

Email Sending and Metrics

Drive interest from journalists with individualized metrics like opens, clicks, and responses for every pitch. And, don't worry, the pitches you send in your profile come from your own inbox.

Custom Media Lists

Researching journalists take a lot of time. Our technology will take your news and generate a custom media list for you in three seconds or less.

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