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Journalist Matches

Find journalists who are most relevant to the news you’re trying to share.

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Find Your Curated List of Journalists to Pitch

Gain immediate access to your personalized list of best-fit journalists to pitch your news to and monitor their activity directly through your OnePitch profile.

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Your Tool for Finding, Pitching, and Managing Journalists

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    Find 20+ relevant journalists to pitch your news to for every pitch you submit
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    Filter journalist matches by keywords, topics, outlets, and scores to find niche reporters to pitch
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    Pitch journalists directly through your profile and quickly add them to media lists within your profile
“I really appreciated the recommendation and activity scores and that when you hovered over it, it told you exactly what the score meant.

The keywords and recent articles were really nice to look over too because that's exactly the information you need to see. It feels like a prettier, more personalized MuckRack, but obviously catered to the exact pitch I want to send out.”
- Sara Jamhour, Apprentice @ BAM The Agency
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