What is OnePitch?
OnePitch is the PR industry’s first email pitch platform that matches pitches to journalists’ preferences through a specific categorization and vetting process.
How does OnePitch exactly work?
Publicists upload and categorize their pitches based on select “topics” and “industries.” Journalists select the same “topics” and “industries” within their profiles. Once pitches have been submitted, OnePitch sends ONE email a day of the pitches that matches journalists’ exact topics and industries. Journalists have the option to contact the publicist directly from their OnePitch emails if desired.
How is OnePitch different from a press release?
OnePitch is strictly a pitching platform. Pitches loaded by publicists have a simple format and there is no uploading of press releases, either. Journalists can contact publicists for more info if they want.
Does OnePitch provide a media database?
No way, Jose. OnePitch will always keep the identity of journalists’ private.
Does OnePitch guarantee my pitch is received and responded to?
There is no guarantee every pitch will be sent to a journalist. If there are no “matches” for a pitch, then the OnePitch team will notify the publicist via email, and follow up once a “match” has been found.
Can I access OnePitch on a mobile app?
Sorry but not yet. We’re sticking strictly to a web app for now.
Do I have to agree to the Terms of Use and Rules to join OnePitch?
Yes. We require all users who join the platform to read and agree to the Terms of Use and Rules. Our lawyers said so.
What if I need more help?
Send us an email: or head to our contact page:
This is the best thing EVER. How can I tell others?
Head to to sign up and obtain your shareable referral link. You can also access your referral link at any time in your profile.
What’s with the typewriter logo?
A lot of great stories started on typewriters. We wanted to give them props.
What do you guys believe in?
We believe in simplicity: That’s why we designed a tool that delivers one email, once a day.

We believe in the power of the press: Progress in modern society happens when press is free and robust. That’s why we support the community of journalists.

We believe in NOT wasting time: Ain’t nobody got time for that. That’s why our tool matches precisely what journalists and publicists need from each other.
How do I enter the monthly referral sweepstakes?
Every user must agree to our Terms of Use and Sweepstakes Rules to sign up and create a profile. After you’ve agreed
Where can I find my unique referral link?
Head to to find your shareable referral link. You can also view the Referral Sweepstakes page for more info:
Can I invite anyone?
Yep-sure can! Just make sure they use the darn thing. We don’t want spammy profiles who are only looking for a piece of the pie.
Am I limited to only inviting people whom belong my user base (i.e. publicists can only invite publicists)?
Hell nah! Invite all your media friends including editors, journalists, reporters, and freelancers. Just be sure they’re legit media people because we don’t accept everyone who signs up as a journalist.
What the heck do I win?
The winner of the monthly sweepstakes will win a cash prize of $100 delivered via check, PayPal, or Venmo. Yeah, we’re totally serious. So get to referring!
When does the sweepstakes begin?
We start accepting sweepstakes entries on the first day of each month starting at 12am PST. Remember: this is a monthly thing!
When does the sweepstakes end?
The sweepstakes ends on the last day of each month at 11:59pm PST. If you don’t win in May, who knows, you could win in June!
How is the winner chosen?
Winners are selected at random on the second day of the following month. For example, if you’ve won the February sweepstakes, then you’ll be notified on March 2nd.
How do I claim my prize?
Winners are notified on the second day of the month when the initial selection is made and are sent a reminder within 5 days of the first notification. If a winner fails to claim their prize within 7 days of the initial notification, the prize may be forfeited and an alternate winner selected.
How does One Pitch benefit me as a publicist?
OnePitch saves you time and energy spent conducting research, scouring media databases, building media lists, pitching media AND following-up, and typically never even receiving a “yes” or “no.” With OnePitch, you can upload a pitch and expect the most ideal media contact to receive it in their Daily OnePitch email.
Why is there 1 bullet to explain WHAT my pitch is about?
Explain WHAT it is you're pitching. Media don’t want to read a novel, nor do they like your fUnky FORmatting. Give it your best shot.
How come I only have 3 bullets to explain WHY my pitch is important?
You’re required to fill in at least one bullet and no more than three. Trust us, you’ll grow to appreciate this format as will your BFF media contacts.
My pitch has been confirmed and approved. Now what?
Sit back and let OnePitch works its magic. Once a journalist receives your pitch in their daily email, they’ll get in touch if they’re interested in pursuing. It’s that simple.
When should I expect a journalist to receive my pitch email?
Pitches must be submitted by 2pm PST to be sent the following day. We do our best to confirm and approve all pitches ASAP, and this helps us ensure your pitch is relevant for only the most ideal media contact(s).
Why can’t I view the journalist's’ name or contact info?
Because we believe that sending numerous emails, calls, and tweets to journalists is not the answer to securing a great media placement. Great stories start with building a relationship. OnePitch is the first step.
Why can’t I send a follow up?
With OnePitch, there’s no need. You can expect your pitch to end up in the right hands. And besides, media folks DON’T like being bombarded with follow ups.
What if a journalist doesn’t respond to my pitch?
We like to think no pitch will go unanswered. If someone doesn’t respond to your pitch, then don’t take it personal. Sometimes great stories need time to develop.
How come my pitch was declined?
Sometimes folks don’t always enter the correct info. Maybe the company isn’t actually a company, or maybe your WHAT bullets about Autonomous Cars refer to the latest viral video about a bionic third arm. Either way, something wasn’t right and it was flagged by our team. Don’t worry, we’ll contact you to make sure your pitch is confirmed, approved and sent ASAP.
I need to edit my pitch and don’t know how. Help!
Don’t worry. We’re all human and realize change is inevitable, as well as a client who likes to abruptly change the launch date. If your pitch needs to be edited, once confirmed or approved, please contact our admin team at If it’s not been submitted, no sweat. You have all the time you need to edit and submit.
How do I update my profile info?
Easy. Head to your profile and click the pencil icon above your profile photo.
How do I reset my password?
Simple. Head to your profile and click the pencil icon above your profile photo.
Can I unsubscribe to the OnePitch Onesie monthly newsletter?
Yep-sure can! You can unsubscribe at any time by heading to your profile and clicking the pencil icon above your profile photo.
How can I invite my co-workers, other PR professionals, friends or Aunt Jane to join?
Head to to find your shareable referral link.
How does OnePitch benefit me as a journalist?
OnePitch is the only private, non-invasive pitch-only platform for journalists and the media at large. It requires no interaction on-site other than creating a profile and selecting your preferred interests. You’ll only get ONE email of the pitches that match EXACTLY to your preferences a day.
When should I expect to receive my Daily OnePitch pitch email?
All OnePitch emails send between 7am and 8am PST. Please note due to our server capacity we send all daily email in batches. Hang tight.
Why haven’t I received a Daily OnePitch pitch email?
If you haven’t received a Daily OnePitch email yet chances are there are no matches for your selected interests. If you know someone who covers a specific topic and/or industry, head to and send them your unique referral link to join!
Why don’t I receive multiple Daily OnePitch pitch emails?
Currently, OnePitch sends one daily email to all journalist users. We’re keeping things simple.
How do I respond to a publicists’ pitch?
At the end of each publicists’ pitch there is a link to “Email Publicist” to pursue the pitch opportunity. You can click the link and an email will auto-populate. No need to log back into OnePitch or anything annoying like that.
What if a publicist doesn’t respond to my inquiry?
We like to think no journalist inquiry will go unanswered. If someone doesn’t respond to your initial email, then they probably shouldn’t have a career in PR.
Why was my account declined?
There are a number of reasons users aren’t allowed access. If you think you should be allowed in, send a message to, or fill out our contact form:
How do I update my preferred industry(s) or topic(s)?
  • Head to Click the pencil icon to the right of ‘Industries and Topics’ to update your preferred interests.
    • To update the specific topics related to an industry, click on the industry, and you’ll be directed to the topic selection page. Once your topic selections are complete, click ‘NEXT’ at the bottom of the page.
How do I update my profile info?
Easy. Head to your profile and click the pencil icon above your profile photo.
How do I reset my password?
Simple. Head to your profile and click the pencil icon above your profile photo.
Can I unsubscribe to the OnePitch Daily pitch emails?
Yep-sure can! You can unsubscribe at any time by heading to your profile and clicking the pencil icon above your profile photo. Please note journalists DO NOT receive any promotional emails from OnePitch.
How can I invite my fellow journalists, reporters, editors or Uncle John to join?
Head to to find your shareable referral link.