“Coffee with a Journalist” features candid conversations with top tier editors, reporters, and journalists who share their publicist pet peeves, pitching best practices, outlook on the future of journalism, and more.

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Apr 20, 2021

“If it is a really fairly complex piece that’s under embargo, like let’s say we’re talking about some kind of brand new sound system that’s never been seen before, and there’s a lot of technical aspects to it, a longer embargo time is really appreciated. It gives me time to really think about it and get in touch with follow-up questions.”

– Simon Cohen, Digital Trends
May 25, 2021

Victoria Song, Gizmodo

Today we sit down with Victoria Song, a Consumer Tech Reporter for Gizmodo. Victoria covers the news, product reviews, and in-depth features surrounding consumer tech products. Before joining Gizmodo, she was the Wearables and Smart Home Editor at PC Magazine.

During the episode today, Victoria talks about the madness surrounding CES, how she organizes her sources in her inbox, how she approaches reviewing consumer products, her simple rule for email follow-ups, and more.

May 18, 2021

Terry Stanley, Adweek

This week we’re joined by Terry Stanley, a Senior Editor for Adweek. In her role, Terry covers consumer trends, cannabis marketing, meat alternatives, pop culture, challenger brands and creativity. Prior to Adweek, Terry was a freelance writer for the LA Times, Mashable, and Brandweek. She has also appeared on The Today Show, CNBC, VH1, Fox News and other media outlets to talk about advertising, product placement and entertainment merchandise.

During the episode today, Terry talks about one of her biggest pitching pet peeves, how she is constantly communicating with sources, her favorite afternoon beverage, and lots more.

May 11, 2021

Jacob Bell, BioPharma Dive

This week we’re joined by Jacob Bell, a senior reporter for BioPharma Dive. In his role, Jacob covers the FDA, big pharma, and drugmakers. He has held positions at Industry Dive including reporter and associate editor and has reported for other notable outlets including The Deal, TheStreet, and McClatchy.

On the episode, Jacob tells us about pitches that grab his attention and ones that completely miss the mark, his preference for sources using bullets, his hopefulness for the future of journalism, and more.

Már Másson Maack, The Next Web
May 04, 2021

Jane Thier, CFO Dive

Today on Coffee with a Journalist, we’re chatting with Jane Thier, an associate editor for CFO Dive. Jane covers the news surrounding financial executives from major companies to politics and universities. She previously worked for Sauce Magazine, SmartAsset, and Thunderfoot as an editorial intern.

During the episode, Jane tells us more about the various publications underneath Industry Dive, how often she is producing stories and what she includes in them, what she values in a pitch, and more.

Apr 27, 2021

Brena Nath, HousingWire

Today on the show, we’re joined by Brena Nath, a managing editor for HousingWire Plus. In her role, Brena breaks down the daily news cycle for insights and analysis around the housing industry. Her coverage aims to connect, build relationships, and spotlight top industry voices. Brena has worked on both sides of the aisle throughout her career not only as a reporter and editor but also as a PR and community manager.

During the episode, Brena talks more about HousingWire’s general coverage area and their move into the B2C space, the hundreds of pitches she receives per day, the importance of building connections with sources, and more.

Apr 20, 2021

Simon Cohen, Digital Trends

On today’s episode, we’re joined by Simon Cohen, a contributing editor for Digital Trends’ Entertainment and Home Theater sections. Simon covers consumer technology including audio and video products. He has been a journalist for over 15 years and has written previously for VentureBeat and OZY.

During the interview, Simon shares more about being a technology reviewer and the influx of products he receives, how he reads every email that lands in his inbox, his favorite Danish drama on Netflix, and more.

Apr 13, 2021

“Data, for sure. I think most pitches have this. But typically, I do like the bullet points of like here’s the exact and like here are like the three to five key things that they can talk about. That’s a really quick way for me to hone in on like, “Okay, what is your like area of expertise? How does that fit into something I’m working on?”

– Erika Wheless, Digiday
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“PR pros - if you aren’t listening to this podcast you need to! Each week this podcast goes behind the scenes with well known journalists and gives you insight into what they are working on, tips for pitching, what they do and don’t like. You sometimes learn personal info which you can leverage in your pitches. We all know that cutting through the weeds and getting a reporters attention is getting harder and harder but this podcast gives you the tools to get a reporter to respond and get your client the coverage they want!!!! Make sure you add this to your list of favorites.”

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“I have listened to several episodes of this podcast and have found them extremely valuable. The journalists on the show share tips about what they look for in pitches, the dynamics of their team/outlets, how they compile their stories, and what their thoughts are on the changing journalism landscape.

All PR pros should be listening to this podcast! It’s been so helpful. ”

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