“Coffee with a Journalist” features candid conversations with top tier editors, reporters, and journalists who share their publicist pet peeves, pitching best practices, outlook on the future of journalism, and more.

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Jul 13, 2021

John Timmer, Ars Technica

Our guest on the show today is John Timmer, a senior science editor for Ars Technica. John has done over a decade's worth of research in genetics and developmental biology at places like Cornell Medical College and the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. When physically separated from his keyboard, he tends to seek out a bicycle, or a scenic location for communing with his hiking boots.

During the episode, John shares about his transition from academia into journalism, the science’s community’s system for pitching stories, why it’s not okay to follow up with him, and more.

Apr 27, 2021

“My favorite publicist always connects with me as a person. Maybe this is getting too redundant back to the relationship-driven person. I think most publicists don’t try to just swoop in, they know what I’m working on, they know what’s going on.”

– Brena Nath, HousingWire
Jul 06, 2021

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai, Vice

Our guest this week is Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai a senior staff writer for Vice Motherboard. Lorenzo covers hacking, information security, and digital rights. Prior to his current role, he was an intern turned reporter at Mashable, and an editorial intern at Wired.

During the episode, Lorenzo starts by sharing about the high number of irrelevant emails in his inbox, the growth of the cybersecurity team at Motherboard, answers an audience question, and more.

Jun 29, 2021

Ashley Carman, The Verge

Joining us this week is Ashley Carman; a senior reporter, producer, and host for The Verge. She writes and pitches news articles, features, and scoops about the podcasting business, hardware startups, and social networks. She’s the co-host and producer of the podcast Why'd You Push That Button?, and hosts and produces the YouTube series In The Making.

During today’s episode, Ashley talks about her process for vetting pitches, a story she’s been working on for over a year, her appreciation for readers’ feedback, and more. Let’s hear more from Ashley now!

Jun 22, 2021

Issie Lapowsky, Protocol

Our guest on the show this week is Issie Lapowsky, a senior reporter for Protocol. Issie’s coverage centers around the intersectionality of technology, politics, and national affairs. Issie has also been a senior writer for Wired, a contributor at CBS, and a reporter/staff writer for Inc. Magazine.

During today’s episode, Issie starts by sharing more about the uniqueness of Protocol’s coverage as an outlet, who she gets the best stories and ideas from, how many follow ups are acceptable, and more.

Emily Canal, Insider
Jun 15, 2021

Manasa Gogineni, VentureBeat

Joining us on the show today is Manasa Gogineni, a reporter for VentureBeat. Manasa covers funding announcements and news for Enterprise tech companies. She is also currently a senior Regents Scholar at UC Davis writing an honors thesis while also directing the Davis Political Review.

During the episode, Manasa starts off by sharing how she flags sources that land in her inbox, why she prefers personalized pitches that are timely and comprehensive, where you can pitch her (besides email), and more.

Jun 08, 2021

Sandra Gutierrez, Popular Science

Today, we’re sitting down with Sandra Gutierrez, a DIY Assistant Editor for Popular Science. Sandra began her career at Rolling Stone Chile as a reporter/writer and, prior to Popular Science, Sandra was an in-house PR executive at Google.

During today’s episode, Sandra shares more about her obsession with keeping her inbox organized, her past experience as a PR professional and how that ties into her current role, the concept of the DIY team and how they craft stories, and more.

Jun 01, 2021

Ben Stegner, MakeUseOf

Today, we’re chatting with Ben Stegner, a Deputy Editor and Onboarding Manager for MakeUseOf. Ben oversees the Android, iOS, and Mac sections. He's been covering tech tutorials, video game recommendations, and more as a professional writer for over six years. Ben originally started his career in IT and began writing in 2016 for Nintendo Life.

During the episode, Ben tells us more about his role and the many responsibilities he has, why he tends to delete all the pitches he receives, where he gets ideas for writing articles, and more.

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“I speak from the perspective of someone who was a guest on this lively show. Beck Bamberger does a great job of setting a relaxed tone that produces an entertaining and informative conversation that makes a download worth the time for the listeners, particularly for public relations professionals. I recommend giving it a whirl”

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“PR pros - if you aren’t listening to this podcast you need to! Each week this podcast goes behind the scenes with well known journalists and gives you insight into what they are working on, tips for pitching, what they do and don’t like. You sometimes learn personal info which you can leverage in your pitches. We all know that cutting through the weeds and getting a reporters attention is getting harder and harder but this podcast gives you the tools to get a reporter to respond and get your client the coverage they want!!!! Make sure you add this to your list of favorites.”

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“I have listened to several episodes of this podcast and have found them extremely valuable. The journalists on the show share tips about what they look for in pitches, the dynamics of their team/outlets, how they compile their stories, and what their thoughts are on the changing journalism landscape.

All PR pros should be listening to this podcast! It’s been so helpful. ”

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