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Your go-to tool for sending and monitoring communication with journalists.

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Pitch and Track Conversations Directly Within Your Profile

Once you receive your list of journalists, you can pitch them through your profile and automatically start tracking interactions on your email.

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Easily prep your pitch within the compose window.

Within the email compose window, your current pitch will already be included or you can choose a different pitch you’d like to send. You can also easily alter the formatting, add in additional links, or remove information you don’t want included.

Pitch compose window
Activity window

Track interactions related to each pitch you send.

On the emails sent page, view journalist activity to see if they’ve opened, clicked, or responded to your email. You can also add your own notes and see the interactions you’ve taken with each journalist (ratings, adding to media lists, and all emails sent).

Follow up with journalists you previously pitched.

48 hours after sending your initial pitch or email, you’ll now have the ability to send a follow up from your profile. On the emails sent page, you can view the journalists who are eligible for a follow up email when the button is illuminated.

Emails sent page

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