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Which Influencers Should My Business Be Targeting?

Which Influencers Should My Business Be Targeting

Thinking about working with an influencer to help promote your campaign? You’re not alone. Many companies are considering influencer marketing campaigns to promote their products/services and according to Shane Barker, “30% of consumers are more likely to buy a product recommended by a non-celebrity blogger”. Influencer marketing campaigns offer a wide range of creativity and spontaneity which is helpful for companies looking for brand awareness but making sure the influencer is the right fit for your business is essential. Below are five quick tips to help you identify the right influencers for your company.

1. Analyze their content and audience

Consider their audience size and their levels of engagement. Do they have a decent following? Is their follower demographics similar to your brand’s target audience? The beauty of influencer marketing is there are multiple influencers for each market type. With a little bit of research, you can find one that will hit the audience your brand is trying to target right on the nose.

What do their previous brand did they represent? How will did they portray the products? If an influencer has back to back or constant ad content, yours could easily get lost in their stream. Influencers who have a holistic balance of sponsored and non-sponsored posts will typically have good experience with business partnerships and will also give you the most bang for your buck as their following will have a higher chance of seeing your campaign on their stream.

2. Have a written contract

When entering a new partnership, it’s always good practice to include a written agreement. Written contracts will help with miscommunication or misunderstandings. The agreement will make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to compensation, performance, and expectations of the campaign.

3. Set performance-based payments

Performance-based payments will ensure that your business is getting precisely the kind of engagement you wanted. It also acts as an incentive for the influencer to get creative and get your product or brand out there.

4. Start small, build on the success

You always want to start with a small number of influencers to ensure success. Starting small will give you more room for control and ensure that your business will reach its goal.

5. Keep tabs on them

Social media is always moving, measure the earned media and see which influencers lift your brand the most. Always check up on your influencers and see which ones are giving you better engagement and which influencers audiences are responding to your brand more positively.

All in all, Influencers can do wonders for your brand, but the critical step is to find influencers you can trust to create creative, and appropriate content, rather than controlling everything they post.

Mike Melvin

Mike joined OnePitch in 2018 to lead the company's growth marketing, overseeing email, social media, SEO and web design initiatives.

Prior to OnePitch, Mike was a director of sales and marketing at Techleus Web Design, where he oversaw business development and marketing. While at Techleus, he developed marketing campaigns for companies within various tech industries including cybersecurity, esports, information technology, and biotechnology.

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