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What’s On My Desk: Gabriela Barkho, Observer

Gabriela Barkho is a tech reporter for Observer.

Since graduating from Rutgers with a BA in Journalism and Media Studies in 2012, Gabriela’s career has taken off. She has written for top-tier publications like Vice, The Washington Post, and The New York Post. She has covered numerous topics that range from film to big tech within her 7 years as a journalist.

She is currently at Observer covering tech topics such as startups and innovation in Silicon Valley. Aside from her career, she is a cocktail connoisseur and loves a nice glass of Rose in her spare time. Continue below to check out more about her based on the items on her desk.

First thing’s first, your desk setup looks so neat and tidy. Is it usually this organized or did you make it pretty for this photo?

I promise it’s usually close to this! While I did organize my Post-Its, I do have cleanliness-related anxiety that typically keeps my living and workspaces neat.

I see a bottle of water, a can of seltzer, and a cup. What’s your go-to drink? Do you have a morning beverage you enjoy or one you enjoy in the afternoon?

I like having a collection of drinks at all times, as you can see. My current morning routine includes getting into the office and immediately mixing my cold brew concentrate (see tumbler/woke metal straw) and almond or oat milk (eye roll)*. In the afternoon, I add a cold seltzer to have with my lunch. A water bottle is always watching me work, though it’s usually a reusable one that I’d forgotten that day.

I spy a notebook and some sticky notes. Are those vital in your day-to-day routine?

Yes. I’ve tried using hip productivity apps (not naming any names) to check off tasks, but I never quite got the hang of them. I have packs of Field Notes reporter notebooks I use in meetings and office sticky notes for urgent reminders, like emailing people back.

Queen is one of our favorite bands in the office! What else you like to listen to while you’re working at your desk?

Yikes! Sorry, that’s not Freddie Mercury’s Queen. It’s Queen Radio, Nicki Minaj’s Beats 1 show on Apple Music. There was a lot of music drama happening that day I needed to tune in to. Otherwise, I usually listen to lyric-free film or TV scores when I write. Phantom Thread by Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood is my go-to. But right now it’s the Succession soundtrack, which makes me feel like a high powered media heiress.

Flowers and plants are a nice touch to any desk setting. Where’d you get the ones on your desk?

Thanks! I’m into drying flowers when they start to wilt. These were a centerpiece from a recent family friend’s wedding that I carried back on NJ Transit.

AirPods are pretty much standard now for Apple users. Do you prefer to use Apple devices over others?

AirPods are more than just a wearable that offsets Apple’s declining iPhone revenue. They’re also my favorite meme of all time. Yes, I own mostly Apple devices.

We love to read books here at OnePitch. Which of the 3 on your desk is your favorite? Do you recommend any others?

Honestly, these are just random books I grabbed from the office shelf for aesthetic reasons. No offense to the authors. I’m currently reading a historical biography on Hetty Green, who was known as the “Witch of Wall Street” during the Gilded Age. For tech industry-related reading, I recommend Chaos Monkey, which highlights Silicon Valley’s startup culture pretty well.

Did we miss anything on your desk you want to share with us?

The fact that I have a landline (???) that I can operate 70% of the time!


Learn more about Gabriela Barkho and check out her podcast episode, Coffee with a Journalist: Gabriela Barkho, Modern Retail, where she discusses her new role at Modern Retail, her views on pitches, and more!

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