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What’s On My Desk - Taylor Lorenz, The Atlantic

What’s On My Desk: Taylor Lorenz, The Atlantic

See what Taylor keeps on her desk.

Taylor Lorenz is a staff writer at The Atlantic. Follow her on Twitter @TaylorLorenz.

Taylor Lorenz might be known by some for her infamous avocado toast roast (no pun intended) tweet, or for her more recent appearances on Cheddar TV, but we know her as one of the most informative reporters covering social media and internet culture.

Taylor writes and reports for The Atlantic where she covers stories related to teens, social media, and the popular internet culture we’re exposed to.

Read more about her love for peanut butter and egg chairs in this month’s What’s On My Desk!

1. I love the simplicity of your desk setup. Is there a specific reason you keep it so neat and tidy?

I don’t really write at my desk and I try to spend as little time at it as possible, so I’ve never bothered to schlep stuff in from home to make it more homey.

2. I spy a notepad and a small booklet. Do you have a specific use for either one? Do you prefer those over a notepad or large notebook?

They actually don’t belong to me! People swap desks a lot in my office so someone probably left them there. I have lost almost all my ability to handwrite anything so I take notes on my phone.

3. What’s in the jar next to your monitor? Do you keep that on your desk regularly?

That is a jar of peanut butter I bought from downstairs and keep in the office fridge. I was eating a banana and peanut butter right before I took that pic.

4. Do you have a favorite place to write your stories?

Well for a while we didn’t have phone booths or couches in my office which was hard. I worked from home more frequently back then. I’m much more productive at home, but it’s very isolating, so I prefer an office if possible. My all-time favorite place to write was an egg chair at The Daily Beast. I think every newsroom should have egg chairs for the writers. That said, The Atlantic NYC office now does have couches. So I work from the couches or chairs unless I have a phone call in which case I go in the booth!

5. I spy Apple headphones. Which model iPhone do you use? Is having the latest and greatest iPhone important for you?

I have an iPhone 8+ I think? I got it two years ago and it’s cracked and broken. The only thing I care about is having a good camera to take Instagram photos. I don’t really follow products, I don’t even know what the latest iPhone is. I’ll get it if T-mobile puts it on sale.

6. It looks like there’s a few other monitors (and heads) behind your desk. How many other desks are located in the office/room yours is in? Any other reporters we should know about who work alongside you?

I don’t know! Most people work from home so it’s pretty sporadic. I don’t want to recommend some people and not others, so I’ll just say follow our entire Atlantic tech team!

7. Is there anything else on your desk that you want to share with us?

Mostly that my ideal office setup includes mini offices for everyone (which I realize is not practical). I love working in a newsroom, but if I’m not in a newsroom then an office is key. I had one when I was at Time Inc. for a while before they moved into the newer building and it was the most productive 5 months of my life. My ideal office environment is a private office or a big, comfy couch like we have in the Atlantic D.C. office!

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