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What’s On My Desk - Jillian D’Onfro, CNBC

What’s On My Desk: Jillian D’Onfro, CNBC

Jillian D’Onfro is a reporter at CNBC covering Alphabet and Silicon Valley.

I recently caught up with Jillian D’Onfro, tech reporter for CNBC where she focuses on Google’s parent company, Alphabet, and culture within Silicon Valley. She is also a former senior tech reporter at Business Insider.

Jillian attended Syracuse University where she studied Magazine Journalism and Information Management and Technology. While there, she wrote for 8 different publications on campus including The Daily Orange and Jerk Magazine and interned at other well-known publications such as Inc. Magazine and Boston’s Weekly Dig. After graduating in May of 2013, she landed her first post-grad writing role with Business Insider. She spent 3 years as a senior tech reporter before taking time off to freelance and travel and before moving to her current home at CNBC.

Read more about Jillian and her adventurous side in this month’s What’s On My Desk!


You have a desk with a view! Jealous. Where are you working out of today?

Yes! CNBC is very lucky to have an office on the 15th floor with amazing views of San Francisco’s Bay Bridge and the Ferry Building. It makes it fun to invite guests for coffee :]

We’re huge fans of being comfy while we work, and we love your standing desk setup. Do you prefer to work standing up vs sitting down?

I usually start the morning standing and will go back and forth all day. I tend to find that sitting is better when I’m diving into a juicy writing project, but standing is better for reporting and research.

Can you share the story behind the (water) bottle sitting on top of your desk?

Yosemite, hence the “Junior Ranger” logo, and I’ve since jazzed it up with stickers that I’ve gotten from all over. The two on the front are from Ketchikan, Alaska and Thailand. I never drink enough water during the day but am trying to be better

For some folks, working on One monitor can be tough. Is there a specific reason you use 2 monitors AND your laptop?

I’m a horrible “Tab Addict” so spreading my Chrome windows onto three different screens is the only thing that keeps me even remotely on top of everything. It definitely spoils me though, because whenever I work out of the office, I feel lost in a sea of content on my one screen!

There’s nothing like a little office flora to brighten up your day. Why is it important for you to have plants on your desk?

I love these little guys! They originally lived at my apartment, but it was getting a bit too crowded there (I went on a succulent buying spree), so I brought them in to add a little greenery to my space.

Is your desk usually this neat and tidy?

Heh, not even close, unfortunately. I veeeery much straightened up to take this picture. Usually, there are a few more coffee cups, lots of loose notebook paper, business cards, and to-do lists, as well as errant cords and dongles for my various electronics. But I appreciated the excuse to tuck things away!

I spy a white cup. Tell us what’s in it!

I’m a coffee drinker through-and-through. I usually make my first cup at home or in the office, but there are a handful of solid cafes around the office, so I’ll occasionally splurge. I only drink tea when I’m sick or trying samples from Teavana ;]

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