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What’s On My Desk: Sarah McBride, Bloomberg

Sarah McBride is a reporter at Bloomberg covering Venture Capital and Technology.

We caught up with Sarah McBride, Reporter for Bloomberg and former correspondent at Reuters.

Sarah started her writing career as an intern and then a reporter in Kuwait at the Kuwait Times, and then moved to the Wall Street Journal’s DC bureau as an intern. The WSJ transferred her to Hong Kong where she eventually covered Asian markets, and then to Los Angeles. In 2011 she joined Reuters to cover venture capital before switching to Bloomberg in 2016.

Read more about where Sarah is now, her fancy Bloomberg nick nacks, and where to find her favorite salad in this month’s What’s on my Desk.

First thing’s first, our eyes are glued to those graphs on your screen. Can you explain what those graphs are and what they relate to?

These are Bloomberg screensavers– they just loop from graph to graph to remind you of everything the terminals can do. The one on the left shows Australian dollar stats, like volatility and inflation. The one on the right is collateral analysis. I don’t believe I’ve ever used either of those. But I do look at our private equity and venture data all the time. And data on venture-backed companies that have gone public recently.

Love your mouse pad! Did someone gift this to you? Do a lot of folks try to send you gifts?

Again, it’s a Bloomberg special! Reminding you what key to hit if you’re in a jam. Kind of like those joke red “Panic” keys some people stick to their keyboards– but for real. I just tried pressing it twice to see what happened. I got a pretty boring explanation about collateral analysis– since I’d just been looking it up. I think most people know journalists have a pretty strict gifts policy.

Once in awhile I have to send stuff back though.

We’ve noticed a trend among journalist’s desks: notebooks. What do you use your notebooks for?

Love love a good old fashioned notebook! If I’m meeting somebody in person I always take notes by hand, never by computer. There’s something about typing on a keyboard that takes away from the interaction. A notebook does too, but less so.

There’s nothing better than celebrating a win! Can you tell us about the award you have from SABEW?

That was a good one. On age bias in Silicon Valley. And I wrote it before getting even a single grey hair. I’m so glad people are paying a lot of attention to sexism in technology, and hope that attention spills over to some other unfortunate and prevalent biases in the field– like ageism.

Yum, lunch! What’s on the menu today, and what’s your most favorite lunch spot in San Francisco?

My favorite time of day. That is a ridiculously San Francisco salad– kale sweet potato, from Prather Ranch in the Ferry Building, a short walk from my office. But my all time best go-to lunch is the $5.50 salad from the Frog Hollow Cafe, also in the ferry building. So delicious.

I spy a tiny piece of paper attached to your monitor. Can you tell me about that?

My very first journalist job, at the Kuwait Times in Kuwait. It says “Stuff Reporter.” (They reprinted them with the correct spelling.) A reminder that when it comes down to it, I’m just reporting on stuff.

We typically ask about mac vs pc, but I’m more interested in your computer keyboard. Can you share why you use this type of keyboard?

Standard Bloomberg keyboard. It has all kinds of bells and whistles. I know how to use maybe 5% of the fancy colored keys.

Is there anything else on your desk that you want to share with us?

One very nice touch: I’m lucky enough to sit right by a window. And can see water, boats, and a pier just by swiveling my chair. The Bloomberg set up here is pretty nice. The only bureau that holds a candle to San Francisco is in London, where the bureau is directly over recently discovered Roman ruins that people can visit.

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