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What’s On My Desk: Michael Krigsman, CXOTalk

Michael Krigsman is the host of CXOTalk and The Wall Street Journal contributor.

In 2007, Michael started writing his column for ZDNet titled “Beyond IT Failures” which focuses on management and leadership issues in enterprise software technology space. In 2013, Michael started CXOTalk as an industry analyst interviewing senior executives, analysts, and authors about the innovations and disruptions occurring within their industry.

Read more about Michael, his love of photography and his favorite Apple product in this month’s What’s On My Desk!

The first thing I notice is A LOT of screens. For starters, tell us about the large monitor you use and why? Also share what’s on the screen. Is that work-related, for research purposes?

The large monitor is a 34WK95U-W (34 inches, 5K resolution). I spend a lot of time in front of the computer so more space is great. I also edit a lot of videos and photos, so again, lots of real estate help.

On the large screen is our YouTube channel and Windows task manager. I use a lot of computer resources and constantly monitor CPU, GPU and disk performance.

It appears you’re a fan of Apple products hence the MacBook, iPhone, AirPods, and keyboard. Is this true?

I use Apple products mostly just for work but I do also have a Samsung Note 9, so I like Android too.

Tell us about the small screen on the left.

The small screen is a 1920 x 1280 Dell monitor. In the photo it is running Premiere and shows the Chief Procurement Officer for the largest Coca-Cola bottling company in the world. We just finished a CxOTalk video with him and I was reviewing the edit.

We love good read at OnePitch. Which books on your shelf are you reading? Would you recommend any that aren’t in the picture?

I get sent lots of books from people who are (or want to be) guests on CxOTalk. Very often, they are great books. When not reading those books I am voracious studying how to improve video quality in areas such as color correction for Adobe Premiere or Da Vinci Resolve. Aside from that, I study material on meditation.

I spy some cameras. Are those for work or is that a hobby or yours?

I love photography and my photographs have been published in quite a lot of places. However, the Sony A7RII and the Black Magic Pocket Cinema 4K serve as cameras in my studio for CxOTalk interviews. The Fuji X100T is just for still photos. The photo also includes a Logitech C920 webcam that I use for testing.

What’s the block-looking device beneath your monitor with the pink and blue lights?

That’s an X-Keys 24, which allows me to automate our live broadcasting software during CxOTalk shows.

There appears to be some natural light in your office. Can you share with us where you work out of? Home? Office space?

I have an office and studio at home.

Is there anything else on your desk that you want to share with us?

You cannot see the amazing good fortune that I possess for being able to do the things I do. I am grateful every day for that.

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