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Twitter with a Journalist: Nick Pino, TechRadar

Tech Journalist Nick Pino TechRadar

Nick Pino is the senior home entertainment editor at TechRadar

On this month’s #TWJchat, we had the pleasure to chat with Nick Pino, the Senior Home Entertainment Editor at TechRadar. You may remember Nick from his episode of Coffee with a Journalist back in April of 2019 where we talked videogames, work-life balance, and his journalistic career. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to chat with him again about his takes on journalism, the home entertainment space, and crafting a story from ideation to its final product.

To join us on the next #TWJchat, be sure to follow us on Twitter HERE. Read below for a snapshot at our chat with Nick:

Tell us what’s unique about covering home entertainment for TechRadar?

Nick: “I think the most unique part is that home entertainment is a massive, massive arena! On our team we cover TVs, audio, VR, gaming, smart home and a ton more. That means we get to dabble in most everything while still being subject matter experts in the most important categories.”

How have you seen your coverage of home entertainment shift during your time at TechRadar? What trends have you noticed, if any?

Nick: “In the last few years we’ve changed our review format to be shorter and snappier – which is great if you’re really busy and just want info fast.

In terms of trends, big shift from HD/SDR to 4K/HDR, wired to true wireless headphones and the advent of VR.”

When it comes to coverage, how does that differ between these products (VR, gaming, etc.)? There are a lot of different sectors here, but more generally speaking, what are you looking for?

Nick: “Each one definitely has its own important metrics – TVs have brightness, contrast, HDR support, number of ports, etc… while game consoles are all about performance, game libraries and online support.

But I’m always reviewing with the mindset of price vs performance!”

How do you compile sources and products when it comes to writing articles?

Nick: “In tech, good sources can be hard to find. Everyone wants to offer their expertise, but the people who really know about next-gen products – like the engineers and product managers – are kept behind strict NDAs. It’s a real battle!”

Building more off of sources & compiling, what is your process? How do you get from that initial idea to a published article? What goes into that?

Nick: “I think every article is unique! Some start off as keyword recommendations from our amazing SEO team while other stories come from exclusive access to products facilitated by PR. But my guiding light in editorial is to write stuff I would want to read.”

Have your stories shifted since the start of this pandemic?

Nick: “This is a great question! The pandemic has been an interesting one for us: first thing we did 

@TechRadar was funnel resources into how-to guides and features covering topics like working from home, staying entertained, keeping fit, furthering your education online…”

How many pitches do you receive on a daily or weekly basis? Are they targeted to your beat? 

Nick: “Too many? I wish I had the time, energy and budget to cover everything that’s relevant. Unfortunately, I’ve got to be really picky. Basically, I ask ‘does this help readers?’ And if it does, then I compare it to the other pitches I received that day in my beat.”

What makes a pitch stand out to you? Is it the subject line? First sentence? Are there certain aspects that you like to see in pitches?

Nick: “Pitches should be personal, relevant and timely. Will I want to cover a smart rice cooker on a day that the Xbox Series X comes out? Probably not.”


If you love getting the inside scoop from journalists on their process like this month’s #TWJchat with Nick Pino, check out our podcast series Coffee with a Journalist to learn industry secrets from top-tier reporters from outlets like Forbes, NBC News, TechCrunch, and more!


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