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Twitter with a Journalist: Josh Sternberg

#TWJchat Josh Sternberg

Josh Sternberg is a former Tech & Media editor from Adweek

With the rise in digital events, we decided to take our chats with well-known tech journalists digital as well. Twitter with a Journalist (#TWJchat) is a new, bi-monthly Twitter chat where we sit down with the tech industry’s most coveted journalists and ask them your most pressing questions. 

Our first chat launched on April 16th with Josh Sternberg, former Tech & Media Editor at Adweek. Josh was also one of our guests on Season 1 of Coffee with a Journalist where we talked all about his role, the future of journalism, his inbox, and much more. Josh has seen every aspect of the journalism industry from his time teaching to his experience in the newsroom & boardroom, which makes his background quite unique. He is able to translate his numerous experiences/perspectives to every part of his career, getting him to where he is today:

We chatted with Josh about the impact this pandemic would have on the industry, his thoughts about pitching, and more. Check out Josh’s highlights below:

On his previous team’s strategy for finding stories

It’s a weird alchemy, really. Intellectual curiosity drives the story, sources put it into context. Sometimes it’s the other way around, where a source gives us a tip and we have to dig around for context.” 

On the evolution of stories since the start of this pandemic

“Like every other news organization, we [Adweek] flipped the switch to cover the coronavirus. Our lens, of course, is focused on our industry. So we’re covering the impact COVID-19 has on everything from publishers to brands to agencies… It’s … a lot. Hug your local media reporter.”

On how many pitches he receives in his inbox

“Too many pitches; too many bad pitches. They all end up in the trash. Don’t send me press releases. Don’t send me canned comments on a news item (especially one that I just covered). We don’t need pitches for ideas. We have lots of them. Offer me something new.”

On exclusive stories

“Show me you’ve read me, my team, my outlet. Offer me something no one else has. Offer me a smart source. Like I said, I don’t need story ideas. I need people. I need context.”


Missed this week’s chat? Join us on April 30th by following along with the #TWJchat hashtag to check out what journalist we will be chatting with next! Have a question you want to ask these tech journalists? Submit it here and we will pick a few to get answered. See you there!

Kendall Aldridge

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