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Top 5 Tech Articles For The Month Of October

These outlets include Fast Co, The Verge, and

October was booked up with spooky-filled activities, costume planning, and candy corn eating festivities. We understand your October was busy, but there were a whole bunch of tech topics floating around. Just in case you missed it, we compiled the top 5 tech articles that were buzzing around the tech world, based on shares. With OnePitch at your side, there is no reason not to know what is being talked about, especially the birth of the internet, Foxconn fails, Apple updates, and much more!

Facebook will label false posts more clearly as apart of an effort to prevent 2020 election interference.

Casey Newton, The Verge

The Why: 2020 is right around the corner, and in today’s day and age, it is impossible not to mix politics and social media. Due to Facebook’s scandal with the last election, Zuckerberg is reframing its policies and releasing a new set of tools to prevent interference with the election. This article includes a bulleted summary of the steps that Facebook intends to take next, something that created a lot of buzz in October.

Building a Culture That Embraces Data and AI

Thomas H Davenport, Harvard Business Review

The Why: Tech industries strive to embrace data, analytics, AI, as well as new emerging technologies. However, to make such an attempt, organizations need to shift culture. Journalist, Thomas H Davenport, takes you through TD Wealth, the wealth management unit of Toronto-based TD Bank Group’s program to make attempts at creating such a culture.
Some key points included the program’s requirements, the development of six core skills, one participant’s perspective, and the next steps. With 3.5k shares, many were intrigued by TD Wealth’s big step toward having a tech-focused and data-intensive culture.

50 years ago today, the internet was born in Room 3420

Mark Sullivan, Fast Company

The Why: “Today, everything from our smartphones to our garage door openers are nodes on the network that descended from the one Kline and Duvall tested that day.” Mark Sullivan shares the story of how the internet was born – a humbling narrative of engineers doing what they do they do best.

A great article that took advantage of a monumental anniversary. It’s anniversaries like these that are excellent opportunities to remember how we got to this highly connected era, but also, remember who got us here. A topic of current interest in October that feeds into where this incredible next work is headed next!

Foxconn finally admits its empty Wisconsin ‘innovation centers’ aren’t being developed

Nick Statt, The Verge

The Why: A lot of talk about Foxconn in October, and it shows by the number of people who shared this article! In early October, Foxconn had released plans and cancels plans for a giant dome in Wisconsin. A few weeks later, Foxconn finally admitted that their Wisconsin innovation centers were not being developed, and it took long enough! The centers are empty and on hold.

A bit of a PR nightmare for Foxconn; however, this article was one of the most shared pieces in October – a hot topic for sure!

Apple warns some iPhone users: Update your phone or lose internet

Alisha Ebrahimji, CNN

The Why: We all have that one friend who never updates their phones because they don’t like the latest update. And they put it off…and off…and off. Well, not anymore! Apple is warning users of older iPhones to update, or they won’t be able to connect to the internet.

Whether or not people wanted to update their phones, it’s no surprise that a tech article about an apple product is the most shared article of October! This article comes complete with steps on how to update your phone for iPhone and iPad products before 2012. May the network be with you!


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