Rebecca “Beck” Bamberger knows a thing or two when it comes to journalism, reporting on stories, and the PR space. She spent a few short years of her career in broadcast news, she understands the trends in the industries and has watched how numerous aspects of each have shifted with things like technology and the idea of "fake news."

Beck knows the importance of free press, the intersection between PR and marketing, and the essential relationship between publicists and journalists. Continue reading to understand her perspective on where she thinks PR is heading within the next 10 years.

1. Where do you see journalism headed in the next ten years?

A functioning democracy requires free press, so as long as democracies continue to forge ahead in the world, free press will prevail but that is NOT a given as recently democracies have slipped across the world. Storytelling will always have a role, but the challenge for current news organizations is how they will adapt to new forms of storytelling. The daily newspaper and the monthly magazine are two examples of old forms that are struggling today.

2. What will the state of PR be when more technology is incorporated and introduced?

Media relations MUST intertwine with SEO, marketing, art direction, social campaigns, and more today and it will be impossible not to see media relation’s importance once all the integrations happen across different functions and channels that provide stories. I imagine most publicists of the future will also be able to do programming, design, videography, data analytics, and other knowledge functions in order to amplify and understand the value of PR.

3. Do you see the relationship between publicists and journalists improving or deteriorating as time progresses?

Only improving IF technology and tools are adopted. This is why we built OnePitch. Technology can help make the best introductions that then can foster great relationships over time. There is no substitute for relationships - the world goes round because of your network or lack thereof it. However, technology can help relationships start and flourish.

Next week, Beck is diving into her day-to-day routine, her role at OnePitch, and how she is impacting the democratization between publicists and journalists. In the meantime, check out OnePitch's other Co-Founder, Jered Martin, and his full Q&A series here.