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The Top 7 Books on Public Relations

The Top 7 Books On Public Relations

World Book Day is right around the corner on April 23rd, and people are all set to flaunt their best reads. So many students, writers, doctors, and engineers are avid readers, so why should public relations professionals be any different? As a PR professional, it is of utmost importance to polish your skills, keep learning, and gather input and information from the experience of industry experts. 

There are many public relations books available in the market. But from the long list of books out there, how do you spot the best reads? Well, we have compiled a list of PR books that will enrich your knowledge and help you up your game in the PR industry. This is our gift to you for World Book Day. 


The New Rules of Marketing and PR 

Author: David Meerman Scott

Description: The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott is a must-read for all PR professionals, managers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners. The book is a compilation of all the latest social media trends and high-tech platforms that can level up your marketing and communication skills. The book has sold more than 400,000 copies in twenty-nine languages and is an international bestseller. 

This book will help you understand the digital space as a tool for cost-effective marketing with better customer exposure and valuable insights from around the world. If you are a PR professional looking for the right strategy to incorporate new rules and techniques to stand out from the digital clutter, this book is the best companion for your professional development. 


The Business of Persuasion 

Author: Harold Burson

Description: The Business of Persuasion is a business memoir. It traces PR giant Burson’s career from his humble beginnings, leading up to how he established one of the most extensive public relations companies globally. The book contains anecdotes on PR challenges and illustrates the art of crisis management in the business. 

If you would like to venture into the history of PR and get an insight into Burson-Marsteller’s unbelievably incredible journey, this book is something you must read. It will help you gather the tools you need to build your brand, get inspired, and learn about how Burson’s life and professional trajectory shaped the PR industry.  


Spin Sucks: Communication and Reputation Management in the Digital Age

Author: Gini Dietrich

Description: Spin Sucks is your guide to honest and authentic communication and trust-building with your customers and communities. The book is written by Gini Dietrich, one of the world’s top PR bloggers. She has compiled all her tips and tools for authentic, ethical, and effective communication in this book.

The book tackles vital topics like overcoming whisper campaigns, enhancing productivity, humanizing your organization, and selling your brand story. If you are a PR professional looking for an actionable guide through your leadership journey, Spin Sucks is an ideal option for you. 


Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator 

Author: Ryan Holiday

Description: The Internet is the new hotspot for the best of the marketing world. The top players in the field are aware of who dominates and manipulates this space for both good and bad. As PR professionals, it becomes essential to spot these manipulators, know the tricks, and utilize them for your marketing goals. This is where Ryan Holiday’s entertaining book comes in handy! “Trust me, I’m Lying” is a media manipulator’s confession series where you will get to know the secrets of the trade. 

If you have ever wondered what’s on the inside of top media platforms, blogs and websites, this book will help you learn the dark arts of media manipulation that are used by marketers every day.


Building a Storybrand 

Author: Donald Miller

Description: The most important thing for a public relations professional is to know what sells, how to advertise, and how to frame your pitch. The art of creating a brand story is a vital skill relevant in the current consumer space, and Donal Miller, through this book, has simplified it for you. The book will help you enhance your PR and marketing strategy by introducing you to the idea of a Storybrand.

Building a Storybrand will help you understand the fundamentals of influencing and attracting customers through the proven systems tried and tested by Donald Miller. This is among the best PR books to transform how you communicate and dramatically improve your customer-brand connection.


Organizational Crisis Communication: A MultiVocal Approach

Author: Finn Frandsen, Winni Johansen

Description: Public Relations professionals often ace their marketing game but fall short of crisis management skills. This is where Finn Frandsen and Winni Johansen enter the picture with their rescue manual – Organizational Crisis Communication – A Multi-Vocal Approach

The book provides a contemporary stance on crisis communication supported by the theory of Rhetorical Arena and a multi-vocal attitude. 

Unlike other books on public relations, this book will give you a more dynamic and complex understanding of organizational crises and comprehensive ways to tackle them. 


How to Be a Media Darling   

Author: Karen Jayne Blattenbauer

Description: How to Be a Media Darling is one of the most practical PR books that guides you through creating your brand and attaining media coverage for your company. The book reveals a strategic approach for building publicity, utilizing social media, and attracting customers to your brand. 

After reading How to Be a Media Darling, you will be equipped to define or redefine your brand, gain an audience for your story, and transform yourself to become proficient in the trade of publicity. This book is super easy to read and greatly helpful for the professional growth of publicists. As the title claims, this book will most certainly guide you in your journey to becoming a media darling. 




Reading is one of the best ways of updating your industry knowledge organically. The books listed in this article are aimed at helping you up your game in the industry and utilize your skills to become an eminent name in the world of public relations. 

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