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The Top 5 Tech Articles of 2018

The outlets include Gizmodo, The Verge, Recode, and more.

This year has been full of highs and lows and we can all agree on one thing…it’s been one heck of a year for reporters and journalists, and the stories they’ve told. “The Guardians” landing the TIME magazine cover for Person of the Year 2018 sums up the importance, and power, journalism plays in our democracy and society.

Here is a list of our most memorable, and favorite, tech articles of 2018 from the team at OnePitch. Read the TL;DR and WHY these articles had an impact on us, the tech sector, and how the stories told could impact our lives for years to come.

Gizmodo Smart House


Kashmir Hill equips her home with a few gadgets including an Amazon Echo, coffee maker, vacuum, TV, toothbrush, a bed, and one colleague. The goal of the experiment was to monitor the data being collected from each device and how it’s shared with the manufacturers.

The takeaways: setting up smart home devices and appliances is a hassle, don’t expect them to work flawlessly, some devices encrypt their data while others share specifics, and nearly every device above and more track usage and lack thereof throughout the day.


This one was a no-brainer because most everyone recalls the Gizmodo Smart House piece like they know how much Millennials love their avocado toast. The real story was in the data and how it’s being shared without the knowledge of consumers. This has big implications for how companies track and share data whether it be in the name of safety, or profits.

AR has inherited all the promise and hype of VR


Oculus who? VR has lost its hype and the capabilities, and applications, of are only beginning. The launch of Google Glass 5 years ago set the stage for consumer AR and its potential uses. Then, Microsoft enters the space with a more “impactful” application called HoloLens which caters to the business market. Soon you’ll have Gucci AR glasses alongside a marriage of AR & VR products.


Not until recently have we seen, or experienced, the true potential of AR. The Pokemon Go craze has merely scratched the surface at the potential of AR applications. Not only is AR technology progressing in quick fashion but the styles are beginning to become more consumer-oriented. All the more reason to justify a $199.00 price tag for Snap Spectacles 2.0.

Zuckerberg: The Recode interview


Remember when Facebook mishandled a bunch of user data with Cambridge Analytica, ran into issues with Russian bots, fueled the “Fake News” era and tried to explain to a bunch of senators about how they make money from ads?

It seems as though this year we couldn’t go a week without hearing about some new scandal involving the social media giant. Kara Swisher sat down with Mark Zuckerberg earlier this year to “engage him in a conversation about how he has mishandled his growing power and responsibility and what he planned to do about it”.


Anyone who follows Kara will find that she is a “no BS” type of reporter and straight up asked the questions we all wanted the answers to. How Facebook chooses which voices to silence and most importantly WHY Facebook’s issues were not caught beforehand. The interview is informative, all-inclusive, and most of all, raw which gives it a well-earned spot on our list of best tech news articles of 2018.

Apple Watch receives FDA clearance


Back in September, we experienced one of the most anticipated Apple events of 2018. Prior to this event, expectations were high surrounding the new iPhone Xs and the potential releases of AirPower (Apple’s take on first party wireless charging) and AirPods 2, which would also have been rumored to be innovated by wireless charging.

What we received, Apple Watch 4: a device that took health tracking to the next level with an FDA cleared EKG and notifications to update users on irregular heartbeat rhythms.


Even though these apps are not quite ready to substitute “traditional methods of diagnosis or treatment” they do offer users high level information about their health that wasn’t readily available to them on a commercial wearable device.

Once the FDA approves these new technologies, we expect to see more wearable device makers consider innovations with health tech in mind.

Uber and Alphabet just invested $335 million in Lime — here’s why scooter start-ups are suddenly worth billions


You ride them, trip over them, love them and hate them. This year Uber and Alphabet investors jumped on the dockless scooter craze, resulting in multi-billion dollar valuations and opposition from city officials across the globe.


Nearly everyone has formed some sort of opinion about the dockless scooter craze, and with big names like Uber and Lyft competing for the top spot in the rideshare industry, this article shows the unlikely hood of these companies to slow down. “Uber even developed a “new modalities” business unit dedicated to eventually making alternative types of urban transportation, such as bikes and scooters, available to its 75 million users worldwide”.


Whether you like consumer tech products or hate them. Whether you think VR is better than AR, or think Facebook is the devil. There’s one thing for certain, we can all agree with each of the articles above influenced our perceptions and ultimately left a lasting impact in our minds of the power of technology.

What were your favorite articles of 2018? Tweet us @onepitchsaas and share your favorites!

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