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The Future of PR with Mike Melvin

Mike Melvin shares his thoughts on the future of PR and marketing.

With both PR and marketing turning heavily towards incorporating more tech, there is no doubt that the two will become more integrated. Like marketing, PR strategy is shifting to become a more results-driven industry based around concrete numbers and analytics. As time continues, these two major industries have the potential to collide and build off of each other. So what is the future of PR looking like?

Being that Mike Melvin handles marketing for two PR-driven companies, it is safe to assume that he has some ideas about the future of PR and marketing within the tech industry. Continue reading below to check out where he thinks marketing will be when more technology is introduced, where the intersection of PR and marketing will lie, and how the relationships between publicists and journalists will manifest.

Where do you see journalism headed in the next ten years?

I think the method of sharing news is due for a change within the next year. I can imagine VR playing a role in putting media consumers in the situation of the camera crew as that industry grows and the technology becomes more accessible.

What will the state of marketing be when more technology is incorporated and introduced?

Media buying trends have been constantly changing too! Severadl years ago ad spend was the way to go, now marketers are leaning more on rich organic content to drive success for the brands they represent.

I believe the biggest change comes with audio input. The next wave of technology that I think will disrupt the marketing industry is AI as it will be a driving force in decision making for brands who want to streamline processes more efficiently. That comes with a whole bag of problems.

How do you see the role of PR and marketing taking shape?

I only see them getting closer together in cross-campaign management as PR becomes more of an analytical, results-driving process for brands who invest in it.

Do you see the relationship between publicists and journalists improving or deteriorating as time progresses?

I see their relationships improving more with the existence of tools like OnePitch that build their mission on creating connections between those two groups.

What’s next for OnePitch?

OnePitch has a mission to democratize the PR process, which means we are making media more accessible and pitching them something you can learn to do yourself. We are creating a Media Relations Management (MRM) tool that both educates and facilitates the relationship building between journalists and their sources.


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