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The Backbone of OnePitch with Mike Melvin

Mike Melvin is a marketing pro and former CMO at OnePitch.

Every company has different environments and different missions, but what sets OnePitch apart is our drive to achieve, our understanding for each other, and our openness to collaborate and build off ideas to make an even greater impact. It takes solid leaders to execute this and implement a strong internal bond and culture. We love being able to bring this into the work and service we are building in order to form connections with all of those surrounding us. To close out our Q&A interviews with OnePitch leaders, Mike Melvin is discussing all things OnePitch and marketing-related. He is diving into his favorite aspects of OnePitch, tech marketing advice, and how he is democratizing the connection between publicists and journalists.

What is your favorite aspect of OnePitch?

I love our team! We have a big mission, and a lot of different backgrounds to draw expertise from.

You are one of the best in the marketing game, so tell us, what is your best advice for creating a killer campaign?

KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. Research is your friend and the one thing that will make you and your campaigns excel.

As a marketer, is it better to know one thing very well or a little about a lot of things? Why?

I think there is space in the marketing industry for both generalists and specialists. I’m more of a generalist myself, and I tap specialists all the time for more in-depth execution and input when pulling a campaign together.

How are you impacting the democratization between publicists and journalists?

OnePitch is democratizing the PR process by making it easier for brands to tell their stories in a way that’s digestible to tech writers.


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