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The Backbone of OnePitch with Jered Martin

Jered Martin is the co-founder & COO at OnePitch.

At this point, you have probably gotten to know our COO and Co-founder, Jered Martin, pretty well! He created OnePitch with our next guest on this series, Beck Bamberger, after they assessed the gap between publicists and journalists. They wanted to make the initial connection stage between these two groups simple, yet effective. They wanted relevancy to be the driving force for the company and every feature within its system. Most importantly though, they wanted these media professionals to #quitbitchingaboutpitching.

To close out his Q&A series, Jered is going to be going into detail about OnePitch, his role, his day-to-day and how he is impacting the democratization between publicists and journalists.

What prompted you to create OnePitch?

I will admit, OnePitch was not my original idea however when Beck came to me and said she wanted to create a company to improve the relationship process between brands and newsrooms I was all about it. I enjoy helping others and this was a great opportunity to learn a new space and do just that.

Run us through your day-to-day.

You want the TL;DR or the long version? Lol. My day typically starts around 6 am. I wake up and read a few news stories to get caught up with the happenings in technology and society. Then I’ll usually head to the beach to surf or head to the office and workout at the gym. My workday begins by 7:30 am and from then onward it’s calls, emails, meetings, and admin work. I try and wrap up at the office by 5 pm and will usually head straight to the beach to decompress for a bit. After that, it’s dinner time, then back onto my computer to finish up for the day. By 11 pm I’m usually in bed calling it a night.

What motivates you to come to work each day?

There’s a lot of motivation to come in and put forth my best self each day. Whether it’s our customers, our team members, or just the pure drive to keep pushing forward to reach our goals I always have the drive and motivation to kick ass. I truly love my job – yes, there are certainly moments that are not so great – and I love the team we’ve put together. Our customers also have a role in my motivation. I get to provide 1:1 service to each and every person, and it’s a bonus when everyone is fun and has a desire to learn from us.

What is your favorite part of OnePitch?

I have two. First and foremost, I love being able to help our customers each day. Whether I’m providing advice about a pitch, or offering feedback, it’s rewarding knowing I’m helping to educate industry professionals and sharing the expertise I’ve gained through my many conversations and experiences. Secondly, I love being part of a great (and growing) team. Our dynamic is strong and we all have a great time working together but we know there are goals and a mission to complete.

How are you impacting the democratization between publicists and journalists?

Each and every day I’m conversing with both sides. Whether it is through support follow-ups, demos, meetings, or a simple chat over coffee I’m learning from each side and taking this knowledge to the product team. From there we start developing features and enhancements to make OnePitch the go-to tool for PR and media relations.

We hope you love our software for PR Pros as much as we do. Coming next week and starting her 4-part series is Beck Bamberger! She is the Co-founder of OnePitch and has a huge amount of experience and knowledge in both the PR and journalism industries. Follow along and get to know her better with us!

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