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Summer Food And Drink - Journalist Edition

Summer Food and Drink: Journalist Edition

Though we all can not go out to our favorite summertime spots, the weather has us in that “summer nights” headspace. One key part of the summer season is the food and drinks associated with it, from beach day barbeques to poolside picnics. Like in our blog “Quarantine Fashion: Journalist Edition,” the OnePitch team loves to dig deeper into the journalists behind our favorite stories. We asked journalists on Twitter about their quintessential summer food and drink picks. Here’s what they had to say:

Ben Miller, Government Technology

“Drink: Gin rickey (featured in The Great Gatsby) or viognier…if I had to choose one, probably viognier.

Food: Grilled corn

(I don’t really have food I think of as “summer food” as I do with drinks, but if summer = grilling then that’s what I like!)”

Alyssa Hertig, CoinDesk

“My favorite summertime drink is iced coffee, especially when consumed while sitting on a blanket in the park while writing an article about bitcoin.”

Lexy Savvides, CNET

“My favorite summertime drink would have to be the classic piña colada, but make it virgin without the alcohol. Nothing else can make you feel like you’re on a tropical island when stuck at home. As for food, would have to be anything with avocado! Guacamole, tacos, salads, smoothies; I’ll take it.”

Michael Liedtke, Associated Press

“My favorite summertime drink is a cold, frosty beer (big surprise) and favorite food is a good burrito.”

Abrar Al-Heeti, CNET

“I love custard year round, but it’s even more enjoyable on a hot summer day. My favorite drink would have to be watermelon juice — simple and perfectly refreshing.”

Bill Siwicki, Healthcare IT News

“BBQ ribs, fries, corn on the cob, and iced tea. Yum.”

Gabriela Barkho, Modern Retail

“I buy whole watermelons to cut up…[and] if it’s a big melon I run out of ways to eat it at some point, so I’ve been trying to go for smaller ones lol. I use it for frosé or feta-melon-mint salad. but mostly just eat giant slices over the sink.”


Did those journalists’ summer food and drink picks bring back memories? Let us know!

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