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PR Tool of the Month: Testimonial Hero

PR Tool Of The Month: Testimonial Hero

As PR and Marketing become closer than ever, professionals are being tasked with combining these roles into one and executing to hit goals. It’s no easy task, but there are tools that can not only help speed up your processes but also make your job easier with automation and new technologies. 

This month, we are highlighting Testimonial Hero, a testimonial tool that helps teams create compelling customer and employee testimonials. We all know how powerful Word of Mouth (WoM) marketing is and how important it can be as a complementary channel to your PR placements. It not only reaffirms what reporters are saying about you, but your customers are also backing it up. Having these two mediums firing simultaneously is a revenue super-grower and definitely a tactic PR and Marketing PRos should consider implementing in the future.

The benefit of Testimonial Hero is that they take the hardest part out of the equation. You tell the reps at Testimonial Hero the goal, message, and story that you want to capture, and the rest is handled. They conduct the interviews either remote or in-person and they will edit your videos and get them back to you within 20 days of recording. It’s as simple as that.

Listen to our conversation with Sam Shepler, Founder at Testimonial Hero, to talk about all things Testimonial Hero:





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Kendall began her journey at OnePitch as an intern in January of 2019 and is now the Marketing Manager handling all of the marketing efforts ranging from social media to content, and emails. She studied communications at San Diego State University and enjoys drawing, being outside, and practicing yoga in her free time.

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