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PR Tool of the Month: PodPros

PR Tool Of The Month: PodPros

Podcasts have boomed over the last 5 years and are still one of the most sought-after mediums of entertainment. Securing podcast placements opens up your client to a whole new audience and allows your client to have a voice and relatability that articles can’t give. Having different mediums of placements play well for each other, boosting and complementing the other nicely. 

Securing podcast placements is not always an easy feat and PodPros knows this well. PodPros’s tool, PodMatch, is the (easy) middle man between PRos and podcast hosts. The tool allows you to create profiles for clients showcasing what they can speak on, what interests them, and what shows they are looking to be a guest on. PodMatch then matches your client with relevant podcasts that are looking for new guests. Think: match-making service for those looking to be a guest and those looking for a guest. It exponentially increases your chances of getting your client podcast opportunities and makes your job that much easier. 

Listen to our interview below with PodMatch Founder, Alex Sanfilippo, about what users can expect and what’s in the pipeline:





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