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PR Tool of the Month: Headliner

Founder To Founder: Oliver Wellington, Headliner

As PR professionals ourselves, we know how important the integration is between PR and Marketing. They go hand-in-hand and need each other to help boost their own efforts and successes.

Whether you secure a podcast or TV opportunity or want to cut testimonials to help promote your clients, Headliner is an integral tool for any team. As PR and marketing roles become one, it’s important to utilize tools that are affordable, easy to use, and efficient. This is exactly what Headliner specializes in.

Within the platform, you can quickly cut any form of audio or video clips to create snippets, highlights, and/or teasers. It’s a valuable tool to help promote both audio and video placements and increase the audience of the PR placement you secured. With Headliner, it’s a user-friendly tool that anyone in any role can use.

Take a listen to the below interview with Headliner founder, Oliver Wellington, to learn how to use Headliner and who can benefit from the tool:





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Kendall began her journey at OnePitch as an intern in January of 2019 and is now the Marketing Manager handling all of the marketing efforts ranging from social media to content, and emails. She studied communications at San Diego State University and enjoys drawing, being outside, and practicing yoga in her free time.

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