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PR 101: Using New Communications Mediums

 Visuals can help improve a PR campaign and a brand’s presence.

NowSourcing started as a social media consulting agency almost 13 years ago, but right around ten years ago we found that infographics were the key to our success. Infographics have incredible reach, and back then few people even knew what they were. Whether it be due to television, the Internet, or the spiral of mobile devices within the past decade, we’re in an age where reading isn’t grasping the attention of most. The average person only reads about ¼ of a normal webpage. Visual content increases your audience by 94% and has a 40% higher chance of being shared on social media. We all have the attention spans of goldfish these days, so pulling someone into a story with visuals that help them understand difficult topics easily has been the sustaining force behind our business. Here are 4 ways to use communications mediums to optimize your message to wider audiences:

Infographics Bridge The Gap Between Reading And Visuals

To put it more blatantly, we’re witnessing a major form of communication evaporating from existence. This is a problem because there will forever be important, complicated topics to share with the masses. 90% of information sent to your brain is visual, infographics complementing this statistic. The average person retains 80% of what they see, 20% of what they read, and 10% of what they hear. In terms of receptiveness, 40% of people respond to something visual in comparison to something written. Even more, 65% of people are visual learners, so the majority of folks you find will at least be interested enough to stop and look at an infographic versus a blurb of text. Infographics are also easily able to be shared with journalists and bloggers, and could improve your average website’s traffic by at least 25%, simply due to the alternative option to massive text reading.

You simply can’t grab someone’s attention with just any ol’ infographic. Think about what it means to be visually appealing. You have to discover within yourself what it means to be limitlessly creative and apply that to a constantly changing landscape of digital media. Visuals have to aid in the storytelling – they’re not just window dressing. Infographics are a great communicative tool that can be used to spread the word as long-text articles are no longer realistic for the average audience.

Humans are all wired differently, and that’s what draws us to each other – the interest of the unknown. This isn’t even to say every idea in your creative process has to shine a light bulb, but should be authentic, bold, and on the path to your end result. We crave visuals, and the great thing about being human is our minds can create endless concepts for visuals.

Right now we have infographics on topics ranging from the business of hemp to how to sell your knowledge online with tech. In one infographic, we outline why it might be time to redefine success and embrace vocational training as a new path to a career. In another infographic, we outline the history of the office and how the office of the future features free snacks, drinks, and premium coffee in an attempt to keep employees happier and more engaged at work. Both graphics employ visuals to tell a compelling narrative that draws people in and breaks down difficult topics into easily digestible chunks.

Live Video Is Another Visual Medium That Can Grow Your Business

Live video is another excellent way to expand your business. Consider utilizing live video to connect with your peers and consumers. This is a great way to translate the message “I care about you more than just filling my pockets.” Although social media is taking over, there are some great things to be gained from it, and some great ways to implement it into effective business.

Think about how you could stand out on social media with live video. Viewers love to see behind-the-scenes content for the sense of exclusivity and rawness, question and answer sessions, tips & tricks sessions, and even open-panel discussions. Going live is an easy and free way to increase your business recognition and increase loyalty in your following, while also showing there are real people behind a brand.

For example, you could go live on your iPhone, tablet, or laptop on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, and Periscope. Engaging with your followers by name, asking about their lives, and building that relationship from the beginning is important. However, you have to be sure to maintain it. Continue to engage with those you make connections with whenever you see them active on social media outside of live video, check them out whenever they go live – simply reciprocate your support. This will not only drive your business, but secure loyalty along the way.

But Don’t Neglect Your LinkedIn Presence

Linkedin is a great platform to stay connected with people, as well as to present your business. There are all sorts of great features, tools, and settings to tool around with to alter your profile and feed. Three of the most important Linkedin settings to take advantage of at the least are customizing your URL to your name or your business name, having a likeable profile photo (which you can have analyzed by peers for free on Photofeeler), and create a personable “About Me” section that really dives into who you are as a person or what your business is about.

LinkedIn is a powerful place to build your online community, and things like live and native video and document sharing can help you utilize those visual mediums to connect with people across the world.

Visuals Can Help You Build Your Success

Everyone has what it takes to become a “success story,” because what is success? Success is infinite. While we are in an age where there are more businesses than ever, it’s also worth mentioning your average new business won’t last beyond a decade. So in a question of what drives new businesses today, it’s about what differentiates you. What’s the motive of your business? How creative are you being and how far are you willing to implement your new ideas? Start with compelling visuals and the rest will build from there.


These 4 communications mediums are great, but not your only options. Check out our blog, Your All-Inclusive Guide to Media Relations, to learn how media relations play a large role in your messaging from the types of media you choose to tips from tenured PR Pros. Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter to stay in the know!

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