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Pitches That Placed: How to Pitch Travel + Leisure

Pitches That Placed: How To Pitch Travel + Leisure

On this week’s Pitches That Placed, we are highlighting a pitch that landed a print-only placement in Travel + Leisure for a new attraction in the St. Louis area. Travel + Leisure reaches “more than 16 million travelers every month, and our team includes a network of hundreds of writers and photographers across the globe, all providing a local eye on the best places to stay, eat, see, and explore.” Let’s see why this pitch worked:

Let’s take a look at the actual pitch that placed: 

Subject line: St. Louis Historic Site on Route 66

Hi ____ –

With Route 66 running through St. Louis and having multiple connections, there is one recently preserved and rebuilt building that went under a massive rebirth along the Route 66 “1926-32 alignment” routes in St. Louis._____, a multi-use development project, is located in the century-old _____ building, which once served as a manufacturing foundry for making brake and rotor parts playing a huge part in the region’s manufacturing industry. Since its closing in December 2007, the building was left to deteriorate until a father-and-son developer duo,_____, took on the momentous task of bringing the building back to life. It now serves as the city’s first food hall alongside welcoming tenants like City Winery, Puttshack, Alamo Drafthouse, and Fresh Thyme Market. Here are a few facts about it:

    • Before State: When the _____ acquired the property, the roof had caved in, and the floor had collapsed so there was extreme flooding. Overall, it would have been easier to demolish the building and rebuild it from the ground up.  
    • Preservation: _____ had a guideline for the preservation of the building — anything bigger than three inches stayed. Throughout the space, you’ll see the former factory’s catwalks, sand towers for the molds, and even much of the graffiti from vacant years remaining in the building today. Visitors will also see unique art installations around The Food Hall including a piece called “Break the Mold,” made from broken metal molds. In November 2016, the _____ property became a National Historic Landmark listed on the national registry, which you can see here (search Century Electric Foundry Complex)
    • Rebuilding: The butterfly roof, one of the most interesting architectural features of the building, had to be completely rebuilt as sections of it had caved in. The large steel riveted beams and columns, which provided the original foundry’s structure, were left in place, and the team took great lengths to restore those. The team also had to rebuild the south wall because it was not structurally sound enough to remain. Instead, they worked over 48 hours to remove and reclaim each original brick for reuse when rebuilding the wall to match the original masonry details according to historical preservation standards. You can still see the original paint and graffiti on them.

I’d love to hear if this might be a fit for your current piece and let me know if you need any more information.


Our PR bestie explains why it worked:

  • “I did the research to see what the proximity was of the building with Route 66 and then hyperlinked to the map that showcased my findings.” 
  • I gave her a quick backstory about the state of the building before, during, and after the redevelopment.
  • “I saw she was looking for sources for an upcoming piece through Twitter that specifically focused on preserved and rebuilt buildings alongside Route 66.”
  • “After seeing this request in the wild from the journalist for sources, I turned this around in an hour allowing for an immediate response. In short, I gave the journalist everything she needed right upfront and rather quickly as well to earn a coveted placement in a well-known magazine.”




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