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Pitches That Placed: How to Pitch Founders to Forbes

Pitches That Placed: How To Pitch Founders To Forbes

On this week’s Pitches That Placed, we’re highlighting a pitch that introduced a founder and landed an interview and coverage in Forbes. Let’s see why this pitch worked:

Let’s take a look at the actual pitch that placed: 

Subject line: ATTN: [journalist name] – Forbes – Feature Inquiry

Hi ____,

My name is _____ and I am the owner of Artiste House based in Washington DC.

I want to introduce one of my clients Eric “KleanKut” Dixon, a championship-winning celebrity barber, grooming lounge owner/entrepreneur and mental health advocate also based in the Washington DC/MD area.

(Image of Eric in body of email)

He would make a great and engaging feature!

Eric became a barber after a tragic situation that left his scalp deformed and gave him anxiety. He has conquered both, started his own business and is using his platform to serve the community. He is available to discuss anything from men’s style to community outreach to mental health, particularly mental health amongst Black men.

Barbershops are known for being one of the many safe spaces men have created to feel comfortable communicating, which makes Eric an incredible resource. As the owner of KleanKut Grooming Lounge, he uses his business to not only create great cuts but also to be an ear to his many loyal clients.

Here is a link to his recent interview on the ABC show Let’s Talk Live:

Here is a link to his press kit and other media assets:

(link to google drive with footage)

I look forward to hearing from you!


Our PR bestie explains why it worked:

  • “Timeliness – There’s been lots of discourse in the media about mental health in the Black Community. Also, the journalist mentioned she thought it was perfect for Black History Month.”
  • “Ease – I provided assets to make her decision easier (A past interview for her to review, images, etc).”
  • “Relevancy – This journalist provides guidance and education for companies and institutions looking to foster anti-racist and anti-oppressive environments. She writes often about black culture, diversity and psychology.”




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Do you have a pitch that landed your client exceptional coverage that you want to highlight? Email us at with your pitch and 3-5 reasons why you believe it worked.

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