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Pitches That Placed: How to Pitch Digiday

Pitches That Placed: How To Pitch Digiday

On this week’s Pitches That Placed, we are highlighting an intro to thought leaders in the NFTs that led to coverage in Digiday. For reference, Digiday “takes a global view of the media and marketing industries and confronts the truths in technology’s disruption of these industries.” Let’s see why this pitch worked:

Let’s take a look at the actual pitch that placed: 

Subject line: META, and NFTs Oh My! – Following Up

Hi ____ –

It was great catching up with you this week. I wanted to follow up with you as I know you are working on a few stories around the NFTs and the metaverse. With news around NFT’s taking shape and flooding news feeds i.e. Gizmodo, Forbes and Crain’s Detroit Business. I have a client, [CLIENT NAME], an analyst with [CLIENT NAME], a digital agency focused on using innovative strategies and digital experiences that have helped brands like Home Depot, HBO Max, American Cancer Society, etc. capture opportunities and solve problems.

[CLIENT NAME] is doing some amazing work around NFT’s (they have a virtual event slated for next week to educate on the topic, HERE) but they also have a wealth of knowledge on the subject that I know would be valuable for your audience and your upcoming content needs. I am happy to set up time with you to talk with them or answer any questions you may have via email.

Let me know what you need. Here to help and I look forward to your response.


Our PR bestie explains why it worked:

  • “Relationships matter.”
  • “If there is anything I’ve learned in my time as a PR professional, you MUST create relationships with the media AND treat them like people.”
  • “I always try to use a quirky headline (where appropriate) and I always ask them what they need and let them know I am here to help them with what they are working on.”
  • “I keep my pitches as short as I can.”
  • “I also knew this reporter was working on upcoming content that spoke to what my client focused on, so I catered my pitch to meet her needs.”




Do you have a pitch that landed your client exceptional coverage that you want to highlight? Email us at with your pitch and 3-5 reasons why you believe it worked.

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