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Life with Beck Bamberger

Beck Bamberger is a San Diego native and entrepreneur.

Rebecca Bamberger, OnePitch Co-Founder, is a force to be reckoned with. She has had her fair share of experience in the media and PR industry, with some of that time being spent in a broadcast newsroom. Rebecca, or Beck as we know her, is a travel enthusiast and promotes her growth by placing herself in situations that have made her uncomfortable, such as being a beekeeper for a few hours or taking a muse class.

She loves interior design and this is very apparent in the office she created for us. Simply put, Beck is brilliant and we are beyond lucky to have her as our leader! Read more about her hometown, world travels, and her impressive hobbies below!

Where did you grow up? Are you a California native?

Yes: born and raised in Bonita which is a small town in Chula Vista. Most people raised in North County (San Diego) have hardly been “down south.” Chula Vista is right on the border with Mexico and is much more industrial and working class than the coastal towns in Northern San Diego. You don’t find $12 organic pressed juices in Chula Vista.

You travel quite a bit to NY. Between NY and SD, which coast is your favorite?

Neither. I just feel that I have the best deal ever: living in San Diego AND New York City though I’m working on the “living” part more there for New York City. Nothing beats California weather and lifestyle, but nothing beats NYC for its hustle, melting pot of people, and world-class creativity.

You have been to so many amazing places! How many countries have you explored and where was your favorite?

More than 70 at this point! I’m a big fan of Bhutan and Burma. Both countries are so untouched. I’m going to Madagascar and Papua New Guinea soon so I like places, as I say, that are grueling, gritty, and gorgeous.

You are quite a fashionista, what is your one clothing staple that you will always go back to?

Nothing comes to mind! I love Rent the Runway which lets me try on all kinds of ridiculous and fabulous designer brands. If I had to pick, I’d go with a form-fitting dress. One dress, well-tailored, can be styled up or down with whatever shoes and never looks too carefree or casual.

Outside of work, what are some hobbies/ passions of yours that some people may not know?

I fly helicopters! It’s a challenging hobby that demands a ton of coordination, awareness, and technical expertise. I love that.

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