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How to Use the OnePitch General Recommender

OnePitch General Recommender

Our latest feature on OnePitch allows you to receive a list of journalists best fit to write about the pitches you’ve submitted over time. The General Recommender list takes into account all of the pitches you submit and provides you with recommendations based on the similar subject matter.

To view the list of recommended journalists, make sure you have submitted a minimum of 3 pitches within your OnePitch profile. To learn how OnePitch Scores works, see this blog which covers the few steps it takes to submit a pitch and receive your list of journalist Pitch Scores.

The General Recommender on OnePitch

1.) On the profile dashboard, scroll beneath the graphs to find the General Recommender.

2.) View each journalist recommendation based on your pitching profile.

3.) Click the Analyzed Articles icon to learn which articles most closely relate to the pitches you’ve submitted. Click Recent Articles for a list of the 5 most recent articles published by the journalist. Click Word Clouds to view similar terminology between your pitch and the journalist’s articles. Click Tags to view tags related to your pitches and the journalist’s articles.

4.) View the Recommendation Score which takes into consideration how relevant the journalist’s articles are to your history of pitches submitted. View the Activity Score to know how frequently the journalist publishes articles.

5.) From there, you can add each journalist to a Media List, Rate Them, and Pitch them from the media list page.




To learn more about OnePitch Scores, contact us HERE or book a demo to see exactly how you can maximize your success.

Stay tuned for more OnePitch product updates coming soon!

Jered Martin

Jered is the co-founder, COO and support manager at OnePitch. He handles operations for OnePitch; along with strategy, support, business development and hiring. He studied Communications with an emphasis in marketing at Cal State University Long Beach. In his free time, he enjoys surfing, eating cheap street food, cooking, and exploring the outdoors.

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