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How To Include PR In Your 2019 Marketing Checklist

How To Include PR In Your 2019 Marketing Checklist

Public Relations and Marketing offer companies/brands unique ways to reach their audiences and spark interest. Many folks in the marketing arena will never touch a press release, and many folks in PR will never influence a paid social media campaign. Yet, if you compare the two disciplines, you will see there are a few overlapping similarities that open the opportunity for both teams to connect. As a marketer, my day to day mostly involves metrics, content development, and marketing strategy. However, I’ve learned over the years that marketing doesn’t happen in a silo; companies who have integrated marketing and sales will find large benefits in doing the same for marketing and public relations.

What if I told you by incorporating PR into your marketing strategy, you can increase your site traffic and generate more leads? Incorporating PR into your 2019 marketing plan will not only strengthen your business reputation growth but your overall success through credibility development.

William Comcowich from Glean.Info outlines how many put marketers and PR specialists into two separate categories: marketers oversee and analyze data regarding website traffic, while those in PR oversee the media relations side of the business and create messages that will reach and touch the public. Comcowich acknowledges how these two professionals have independent and different roles, yet when looked at more closely, the two share a very important goal. Both aim to push and grow brand awareness to help create and improve a company’s reputation.

Telling a story with PR

Content marketers and public relations specialists both provide their audience details and stories about their brands the brands they represent. They both are interacting with the customers! This seemingly obvious, yet not so obvious, a partnership between PR and your marketing teams is your key to success this coming year. When a search marketer optimizes your website and finds ways to link build for your site, they’re actually engaging in one of the oldest PR tricks in the book: generating placements. Link building and securing placements both enhance the credibility of the company and both heavily rely on good messaging to connect the dots. As long as your messaging is in sync, both PR and search marketing initiatives will meet in the middle thus turning traffic into leads and leads into customers.

The tone you take when approaching link building/placement procurement defines the sentiment your audience will have in reading about your company. Ensure your tone is consistent with everything else you do. When shaping your tone, remember your public relations campaigns are expressing opinions and your social campaigns target a specific type of audience (ideally, an audience who already knows you). Therefore, if your goal is to generate a positive sentiment, you should include owned content in addition to earned media. It has been shown 82% of consumers feel better and have more positive inclinations towards a company that publishes their own custom content.

Use tools to help streamline processes

Chris Frantz recommends you amplify your messages by using tools like Google Trends to help track your outreach progress and set goals. If you haven’t done a deep-dive into PR tools yet, we’d recommend looking at this article for a more exhaustive list.

Tools like OnePitch allow marketers like yourself to employ PR tactics easily within your current workflow. Start with your why. Why does your company deserve media attention? Once you’ve pulled out those themes, you’re able to pinpoint your target media contacts through OnePitch’s robust categorization algorithm.

Set meaningful cross-campaign KPIs

In today’s world, the competition among businesses is fierce…it is a battle and survival of the fittest. While at times the tech industry may be cut-throat, it is a giant community where meaningful connections can grow. Across the board of experts, the best way to incorporate the two fields is to set smart and clear goals. Your messages and content should be clear with a similar theme guiding the structure making them transferable from one platform to another.

Creating and establishing this partnership between PR and your 2019 marketing strategy plans will play a role in enhancing your brand’s credibility, reputation and market share. Remember the best way to see an impact from incorporating PR into your marketing plan is to use messages from different publications in tandem, use a consistent tone (users like consistency and familiarity), cultivate backlinks to improve your SEO and use keywords to connect siloed platforms. Combining these efforts will help your company move to the top of the food chain and increase your brand’s awareness and reputation. Make it your business’ new year’s resolution to combine the two and see the results that will follow!

Mike Melvin

Mike joined OnePitch in 2018 to lead the company's growth marketing, overseeing email, social media, SEO and web design initiatives.

Prior to OnePitch, Mike was a director of sales and marketing at Techleus Web Design, where he oversaw business development and marketing. While at Techleus, he developed marketing campaigns for companies within various tech industries including cybersecurity, esports, information technology, and biotechnology.

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