In our last edition of Five Journalists We Can’t Get Enough of on Twitter, we mentioned that the importance of social media in the eyes of a journalist is its ability to amplify news. “Social media plays a big role, because you can now publish bits of news to your followers as soon as it’s available, so you don’t have to wait for the full story to start sharing the news”. To keep up with all of the buzz, we put together a list of 5 more influential tech journalists PR professionals should follow.

Bryan Clark, The Next Web

What he tweets about:
Tacos, the occasional tech update, tacos
Why we follow:
Brian is among our favorite journalists because he expands his social media presence beyond his expertise of tech and gives his followers a very unique look into who he is as a person. His political commentary is as unapologetic as his standards for quality Mexican food and he gives not just publicists, but all of his followers opportunities to create a genuine and personal relationship with him.

Melia Robinson, Business Insider

What she tweets about:
Startup news, venture capital, life in the Bay Area
Why we follow:
Melia Robinson is one of our go-tos when it comes to finding out the latest about the Bay Area tech scene. Her reporting is comprehensive, answers all of the questions we have been dying to know such as “How the heck is Bird worth $2 billion?”, and does so in a way that leaves out the technical and financial jargon so that anyone can understand.

Ina Fried, Axios

What she tweets about:
Technology, sports, and life at Axios
Why we follow:
Ina is the Chief Technology Correspondent for axios and a master curator of content that she then shares with her followers. Her coverage at Axios is broad enough to allows her to comment on a wide range of topics from consumer tech, smart homes, and tech giants such as Apple and Amazon, to the influence of technology on our government.

Casey Newton, The Verge

What he Tweets about:
Silicon Valley & startup news
Why we follow:
Casey gives us a look into the Silicon Valley tech scene as the Silicon Valley Editor of The Verge. His Twitter style is defined by his refreshing bluntness that cuts through the technical hype and calls ridiculous trends out for what they really are.

Andrew J. Hawkins, The Verge

What he tweets about:
The future of transportation as it relates to ride sharing, self driving cars and personal transportation
Why we follow:
While it’s fascinating that we live in a world where self driving cars exist, few have had the opportunities to experience them the way that Andrew has. Andrew shares not only his knowledge and predictions of how we will travel in the future, but also shares his first person experiences with his followers.

The best thing about using Twitter as a news source is that you can easily filter the types of news stories you want to receive based on the specific journalists you follow. In fact, AdWeek once reported that 59% of them were using twitter to get the word out. Looking for more journalists to connect with on social media? Our growing list of recommendations can be found here and are updated weekly.