With all the buzz around journalism lately, it is no surprise that Twitter is one of the main sources that people turn to receive their news. Over 70% of journalists see Twitter as an important asset. Journalists post great stories and breaking news coverage on a platform that serves millions, but they are very rarely put in the spotlight for their work.

Because of this, we compiled a list of the 5 journalists we are loving right now so that you can see just what we are talking about! Go give these reporters some love:

Rolfe Winkler, Wall Street Journal

What he tweets about:
Tech with an emphasis on Gadgets, Venture Capital, and Startups
Why we follow:
Rolfe is not only a talented journalist but he also has an impressive Twitter that we love following. He posts about a variety of different tech sectors, such as venture capital, trends within big entities like Google and Apple, and also tweets about how amazing tech products change the way we live. He is an insightful guy- give his page a follow!

Laura Mandaro, Forbes

What she tweets about:
Technology and Innovation
Why we follow:
Laura was previously the National Technology and Science Editor for USA Today but recently moved to Forbes to become a Senior Editor and focus solely on tech. She has been spotlighting the current tech boom and gives her readers authoritative journalism. She also highlights tech and culture and what this means for our future. Ever wonder what the world will be like in 5 years? Give her a follow so you can see with your own eyes.

Alex Sherman, CNBC

What he tweets about:
Technology, Media, & Telecommunications
Why we follow:
Besides the fact that he is a huge sports fan, Alex delivers technology news about Apple, Google, Netflix, and other major players. He is extremely insightful when it comes to investments and where money should be going within the tech world. He will also keep you updated, play by play, on any football or basketball game currently underway. He is worthwhile following- we promise you!

Jamey Tucker, What The Tech?

What he tweets about:
Smartphones, Gadgets, VR, Smart Home Appliances, & Apps
Why we follow:
Now, THIS is a cool dad! He has had years of experience being a news anchor and reporting on all things tech before he went on air with his segment “What The Tech.” He gained national recognition from his segments and received positive feedback about the different tech gadgets he showcased and the current tech trends he highlighted. He is always covering breaking tech news and attends CES each year, which he loves. His segments and Twitter are noteworthy and something you should not pass up!

Paul Sawers, Venture Beat

What he tweets about:
AI, Mobility, E-commerce, and DevOps
Why we follow:
Paul knows everything when it comes to AI. He is constantly reporting on Apple and Google and their current AI trends, as well as the latest and greatest tech innovations. Furthermore, he also covers a bit on encryption and startups. Although his area of expertise is very specific, we love following his Twitter because it encompasses a bit of everything in relation to the news. His Twitter is definitely one that everyone can get something out of!

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