For anyone involved with media relations, there is a good chance that Twitter is one browser tab that is always open. A guide put together by the UC Berkely Advanced Media Institute stated that Twitter matters to journalists because “one of Twitter’s key functions is as a news and information amplifier, which is why news spreads so much more quickly on Twitter than on Facebook”. We put together a list of five tech journalists that PR pros should be following to help them stay in the loop of the ever changing newscycle.

Kara Swisher, Recode

What she tweets about:
Breaking Tech news, updates about happenings at Recode
Why we follow:
As the co founder of Recode, and self proclaimed grumpy lady of tech, Kara was once described as "the most feared and well liked journalist" by New York Magazine because “Swisher layers charm and aggression to truth-serum effect”. With over 30 years of experience in the industry it’s no wonder why over 20% of CEOs are following her updates.

Alex Konrad, Forbes

What he tweets about:
Startup trends, venture capital, life as a New Yorker and prime examples of what PR pros should NOT do when pitching.
Why we follow:
Aside from being undeniably quick witted and entertaining, Alex’s no BS attitude is quick to point out the changes that need to be made if public relations professionals are going to move their co-dependent relationship with their media contacts forward. He is quick to point out flaws not only in the media relations industry to be addressed, but also pokes fun and gives a truly honest look at at the unicorn startups that we can’t stop hearing about.

Christina Farr, CNBC

What she tweets about:
Healthcare and technology
Why we follow:
Chrissy is the queen of all things healthcare. Her ability to take complicated subjects and break them down to be understood by the general public helps to cut through and navigate the technical jargon that is often synonymous with the industry. Chrissy is always the first one I go to when I need the latest scoop on emerging health tech trends.

Matthew Hughes, The Next Web

What he Tweets about:
Startups, emerging tech, being british, and how (according to the PR pitches he gets) just about every one of the world’s problems can be “solved by blockchain technology”.
Why we follow:
Aside from being incredibly knowledgeable about the latest tech trends, Matthew is also one of the most responsive and personable journalists that I have had the pleasure of chatting with. He is one that “tells it like it is” and is a refreshing reminder that at the end of the day, journalists are just people who value genuine connections.

Taylor Lorenz, The Atlantic

What she tweets about:
Social media- the good the bad and the ugly.
Why we follow:
Social media is by far one of the most prominent forces of today’s society. Taylor is refreshingly unapologetic in the way she reports on how the consumption of digital content affects different aspects of life, business and politics. She will also occasionally post opportunities to provide insight on a story that she is working on. (Insert light bulbs flashing)

Nearly 67% of Americans report that they get at least some of their news on social media. As a result, your favorite journalists are on top of their Twitter game and are using the platform to interact with the communities they reach. Following the ones within your interests and areas of expertise will not only give you the chance to enhance the relationships you have started by adding another point of contact, but also will help to ensure that you never miss out on media opportunities that many of them are regularly posting.