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5 Journalists We Can’t Get Enough Of On Twitter, December 2018


Why do journalists spend so much time on Twitter? According to Fast Company, in it’s latest earnings report, Twitter announced a reach of 326 million monthly active users. The social platform allows journalists to provide quick updates to their audience and engage in real-time conversations surrounding the topics which interest them. Here’s a list of our favorite journalists to help you stay in the loop with trending topics and breaking news happening this month.

Dan Primack, Axios

What he tweets about:
Podcast updates, curated Axios content, and government topics

Why we follow:
Follow the Axios business editor for the best-curated content and updates from The Pro Rata Podcast which touches on politics, technology, and big business. Dan is an important resource to publicists because he breaks down the way all three of the above topics intersect with one another.

Steven Aquino, TechCrunch

What he tweets about:
Accessibility in tech and Apple products

Why we follow:
While there are many reporters in the Twittosphere covering Apple products, Steven has put his focus on highlighting the accessibility features which allow people with a variety of needs to enjoy and benefit from Apple’s innovation. A true friend of OnePitch, his DMs are open for friendly conversation and encourages PR pros to “be friendly and build a rapport”.

Imani Moise, Reuters

What she tweets about:
Banking and financial news

Why we follow:
Imani Moise keeps her followers up to date on the latest news from large US Banks and how their activities affect businesses of all sizes. She isn’t afraid to throw in a bit of sass where it’s deserved which keeps her feed fresh and entertaining to follow.

Daniel Roberts, Yahoo Finance

What he tweets about:
Sports, bitcoin, and financial news

Why we follow:
Daniel is a publicist’s dream when it comes to understanding his writing interests because he is upfront about what he covers and the best way to reach him. His sense of humor makes it easy to start personalized conversations and build a genuine connection.

Scott Austin, WSJ

What he tweets about:
Big tech, startup news, and funding

Why we follow:
Scott is the tech editor for WSJ in San Francisco and provides insight into a wide range of news topics from some of tech’s most well-known names. He has been following and providing regular updates on Amazon’s expansion plans, Elon’s antics and the latest startups to receive major funding.

Looking for more journalists to follow? Be sure to check out our full (and growing) list of influential journalists on our Twitter page, and connect with them through OnePitch.