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5 Journalists We Can’t Get Enough Of On Twitter, August 2018


Today, journalists are more active on social media than ever. Journalist participation is up as much as 34% from 2013 and will only continue to increase. Using social media gives them the ability to quickly share news as it breaks and have a closer connection with their audience by interacting with readers in real time. Here are five more journalists we recommend following on Twitter to stay up-to-date on breaking tech news and happenings.

Alex Kantrowitz, Buzzfeed

What he tweets about:
Social media, curated tech stories

Why we follow:
As a senior tech reporter at Buzzfeed, Alex’s twitter is great for catching up on the latest tech and social media news. His tweets are also sprinkled with humor and sarcasm that gives PR pros opportunities to relate and start more personal conversations.

Kate Conger, New York Times

What she tweets about:
Tech policy, privacy and security

Why we follow:
With all of the controversy surrounding the policies of major social media platforms, Kate’s twitter is a one stop shop for getting a clear understanding of what these platforms are doing to keep users safe. Her voice is one that does not get lost in technicalities and makes complex issues easy for readers to understand.

Stacey Higginbotham, Stacey on IoT

What she tweets about:
Smart homes and all things IoT

Why we follow:
Aside from her uber relatable life tweets (rip donuts), Stacy is great to follow for her in depth insight on all things IoT from new and impactful companies to the industry landscape and developing the best skills for job prospects. In addition to providing great content for readers, Stacy has an open hotline for her audience to phone in questions and get them answered on her IoT podcast.

Shira Ovide, Bloomberg Opinion

What she tweets about:
Opinions surrounding large tech companies

Why we follow:
Shira’s direct style makes her captivating to follow. She isn’t afraid to call out large tech giants like Amazon and Tesla for questionable antics and is constantly putting out new content to keep her audience informed and engaged.

Cade Metz, NYT

What he tweets about
AI, driverless cars, robotics and more.

Why we follow:
If you are interested in AI, Cade is a great person to follow. He puts out a wide variety of articles related to his specific coverage at the New York Times and cultivates the best ones that make them easy to find for his audience.

Looking for more journalists to follow? Be sure to check out our full (and growing) list of influential journalists on our Twitter page, and connect with them through OnePitch.