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Enhancing Productivity With PR Tools

Use these tools to limit your time spent on media relations.

In public relations, we are always juggling various tasks, deadlines, communication with our clients (often more than one at a time) and coworkers on a daily basis, which means switching between various projects at a minute’s notice. The saying, “I wish there were 26 hours in a day” is all too common within the industry. The point is there IS enough time in the day to execute strategy, engage with your media contacts to stay top of mind, and research new ways to embolden the companies you represent.

Take a look at these tools that can give you the extra time you need to execute solid PR and marketing strategies:

OnePitch – Making pitching the easiest part of your job:
Cost: Free (BETA)

Media list generation takes hours to complete, and in many cases, the results you get out of them do not match the effort and time spent crafting messages and spending a full morning emailing journalists. has created a simple way for you to get your message to the right journalists. They use a range of technologies to serve publicists and journalists alike including a cross-categorization of industries and topics. What this means, is you’ll be able to insert your clients news into a bulletproof pitch template that gets the message across to journalists relevant to the industry and topics you choose. Imagine how much time you’ll save on a daily basis by just focusing on your story and letting a relevance-driven indexing system take care of positioning.

Google Alerts – Media monitoring made easy
Cost: Free

Making sure you have a finger on the pulse of your client’s industry is a key component to creating a PR success story. Maintaining industry awareness across several verticals is a complicated problem with a very simple solution. We suggest setting alerts so the news comes to you in one clean email provided by Google’s wonderful news API. According to Hannah, “I check Google Alerts and do a quick search for clients, competitors, and applicable industry keywords to make sure all bases are covered”.

Hootsuite – Dealing with social media fatigue:
Cost: Free/ Varied costs for premium

Social media has drastically changed the way journalists connect with sources. A journalist can now accumulate information from sources, engage with their audiences and disseminate information as it’s learned all within social media platforms. Now, with all of those distractions how many of us have time to service clients, develop content AND keep our nose to our news feeds waiting for the perfect moment to pitch or engage with influential folks on social media? Services like Hootsuite are free and easy ways to create social media dashboards to help follow accounts, industry topics or hashtags. With these dashboards in place, you’ll be able to minimize the time you spend looking at your newsfeed during work, so you can once again fit in the extra time to give your clients the TLC they need.

With these tools in your arsenal, you’ll be more than ready to tackle the day and get back a few hours each week to spend more time creating new ways to market your clients and create great stories.

Mike Melvin

Mike joined OnePitch in 2018 to lead the company's growth marketing, overseeing email, social media, SEO and web design initiatives.

Prior to OnePitch, Mike was a director of sales and marketing at Techleus Web Design, where he oversaw business development and marketing. While at Techleus, he developed marketing campaigns for companies within various tech industries including cybersecurity, esports, information technology, and biotechnology.

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