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The TypeBar: Contribution Guidelines

The TypeBar - Contribution Guidelines

Hi there! Thanks for your interest in contributing to OnePitch’s blog, the TypeBar.

The TypeBar is one of the fastest growing PR blogs with over 10,000 views each month and an 185% increase in traffic in just one year.

If you have great writing skills, interesting points you want to share, or are an expert in your field, we’d love to hear from you.

Please read below to answer and clarify any questions you may have about the types of blogs we are looking for and the submission process.

Look forward to taking more soon!

The Essentials

Successful blogs on The TypeBar are comprehensive, backed by numbers and experts, and provide an interesting take on something in the world of PR. Our blog is focused around educating our audience, which consists of PR pros and marketing professionals. We are open to any ideas relating to the PR world that contain the following elements:

1.) We don’t adhere to a strict word count policy, but 1000 words or more is preferred.

2.) We only accept original articles that have not been posted elsewhere.

3.) Correct attribution of stats, quotes, and images is expected. Please note: All data should be relevant and should have originated in the last two years.

4.) Link to two other OnePitch blogs in your piece. For example, if you’re writing an article on how to utilize podcasts in your public relations efforts, you can link to the Public Relations pillar and our blog on the ways to find the right journalists to pitch.

5.) Link to two external sources in your piece. These can be other sources that affirm or further explain an idea in your article. Note: Image links do not count toward these two.

6.) Please include no more than one link to your brand or company website in the body of the piece.

What We Write About

Over the last year, we’ve really honed in on what types of posts are successful – and unsuccessful – on our blog. Here’s a list of what we look for from in guest posts:

1.) Educational Posts: These posts break down topics or tactics about PR, pitching, and media relations. Here are a few examples:

What’s Public Relations and Why Does It Matter?
The Three Main Objectives of Media Relations
Earned Media vs. Owned Media vs. Paid Media

2.) Tips & Tricks Posts: These posts highlight tactics around PR, pitching, and media relations. Here are a few examples:

3 Tactics for Leveraging Podcasts for Public Relations
4 Elements to Perfecting PR Account Management
PR 101: 10 Tips for Writing a Press Release

3.) Trend Pieces: These pieces focus on a current trend happening in the PR world. Here are a few examples:

5 Public Relations Trends & Predictions for 2021
PR 101: Media Relations During COVID
Coronavirus: Tips When Pitching Journalists

4.) Experimental Posts: These blogs focus on surveys, stats, and expert opinions about topics within PR. Here are a few examples of blogs that have stemmed              from Twitter questions, surveys, etc.

What Inspired You to Work in PR?
7 Public Relations Pros: Press Releases vs Media Pitches
How to Send a Follow-Up to a Media Pitch

Blog Submission Notes

  • The OnePitch team has the right to edit, adapt, and alter your guest post as we see fit now and also in the future.
  • OnePitch reserves the right to link to any OnePitch forms, eBooks, and guides within all content posted to the OnePitch blog including guest blogs.
  • The OnePitch team reserves the right to mention the blog author’s name and company across all of OnePitch’s social channels and email marketing initiatives.

Submitting Your Blog to OnePitch

1.) Format your post accordingly:

  • Please include your headshot of choice at the bottom of your post.
  • As we said above, we don’t have a strict word count but it is preferred that blogs are no less than 1,000 words.
  • Headers should be in H1, sub-headers should be in H2, and all body text should be in paragraph format.
  • All headers and sub-headers should be bolded.
  • Utilize bulleted and numbered lists to break up text and expand points, if applicable. Note: numbered posts should be formatted as number, period, parenthesis.
  • Include a minimum of 1 image, embed, screenshot, etc. Please give attribution under each image as “Image Source” and hyperlink this phrase with the place you found the image.

2.) Submitting your blog to OnePitch:

  • Click here to fill out the contribution form located at the bottom of the Contribute page.
  • Please submit your pitch as a Google Document with all editing permissions turned on.

If your blog is a good fit for our audience and current content strategy, you will be notified of your publishing date within one week of submitting. Please note for publishing dates that the OnePitch team plans our content schedule in advance, meaning we are working 2-3 months ahead of schedule.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

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