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2019 CES Recap: Mike’s Top Picks

CES 2019 housed a ton of great products from companies looking to push for innovative consumer goods. This year was particularly great for those looking to smarten up their homes and put many of their day to day processes on autopilot. This year also highlighted human connectivity, whether it’s connecting people through language translation devices or giving you back some family time by easily keeping your OLED television out of sight.

Below you’ll find my top product picks from this year’s CES. These are the things we here in the OnePitch office are anticipating most. You’ll find that these picks have a focus on automation and connectivity primarily because that’s what we love doing here at OnePitch! There were so many great products from so many different companies, but if we wrote an exhaustive list, we’d be publishing this in blog May.

LG Signature OLED TV R9

I’ve recently finished a book called Atomic Habits by James Clear. A bit of advice he gives for shaking bad habits is to hide your vices to mitigate time spent enjoying them. One of his examples was putting your television in another room and bringing it back out only when you have a clear intention of what you will be watching. Unfortunately, I don’t think LG has me covered on this one… maybe because it’s a little too easy to resurface the TV.

Regardless, I’m still super excited and ready to spend some money.

Google’s Interpreter Mode

CES is an event where people from all around the country come to check out the latest and greatest in tech. This also means there are a lot of people who speak languages other than English. With folks from different backgrounds all engaging in the sparks of innovation that shower CES, Google put their best foot forward to make sure there are tools in place that help facilitate communication.

Google was already known for their translation expertise, but this year they’ve taken it a step further within their smart displays with Interpreter Mode. Instead of having to use proprietary headphones, a cellphone phone or install an app, you simply ask “Hey Google, Spanish Interpreter” and the smart display will do the rest.


Have you ever been locked out of your house?

… Thought so.

This was a REALLY easy pick. Some devices have been released with ‘smart keys’ that allow users to replace any lost keys with reprogrammable ones; others allow you to unlock doors through an app on your cell phone. I’ve lost both of these things in the past, and I don’t trust myself enough NOT to lose these things in the future.

Do you know what would be really tough to lose? Your finger. Luckily, Kevo unlocks with just a touch of your hand…literally. It reads your fingerprint using their trademarked “Tough-to-Open” smart lock.

Mui (smart block)

Now this one is interesting. It’s a panel of wood that can double as a smart speaker and smart display- making it easier to automate your home with a more minimalist appeal (if your house is made up of similar wood paneling).

As a man who loves minimalist design, this one takes the cake for me. I can easily image working these panels into many areas of the home: tables, headboards, hallway walls. The opportunities are endless.

Mike Melvin

Mike joined OnePitch in 2018 to lead the company's growth marketing, overseeing email, social media, SEO and web design initiatives.

Prior to OnePitch, Mike was a director of sales and marketing at Techleus Web Design, where he oversaw business development and marketing. While at Techleus, he developed marketing campaigns for companies within various tech industries including cybersecurity, esports, information technology, and biotechnology.

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