Not only does Beck have an impressive list of hobbies and passions, but she also has an extremely impressive background. She attended UCLA and was the youngest to attend business school for her MBA. She's a contributing writer for, investor, mentor, and has successfully led several companies. She even has an Emmy to prove just how hard she works (and how badass she is)!

Read more about Beck’s college years, MBA experience, and career highlights to date:

Where did you go to college and what did you major in?

UCLA and economics. I like to say: follow the money- that’s where the source of the problem likely is.

You went to business school for your MBA when you were 19! How did you get there and what was that experience like?

I applied after my first year of being at UCLA and got accepted to the University of Pittsburgh. I thought I was going to the “east coast” but I was quickly schooled that Pittsburgh is the Midwest, and it IS. I loved it! I called it my “American study aboard,” and I loved my classmates-half of them were international students.

You've worked in journalism before. Do you ever miss it?

Not really. I was in the newsroom working as an associate producer. In that role, you’re not out looking for and hunting down stories. Instead, you’re putting a whole show together and writing up all the copy for the anchors to read. However, if I was an investigative reporter or some long-form journalist, I imagine I would love that.

What are some past career moments you are most proud of?

When I sold one of my first companies, Bite San Diego, that was a fun moment. It was an odd moment to hold a little piece of paper (a check) that was proof of building something great and valuable.

Did you expect to take the career path that you did?

Somewhat. I love stories, so there’s no surprise I’m in communication. However, I’m more of an entrepreneur who has many interests. I could easily be in politics or off building a technical application.

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