With the end of June creeping up on us, it’s easy to wonder where the time has gone. One day we’re excited about setting 2018 goals, and the next we’re being asked about plans for Q3! The fact of the matter is that 92 percent of people set yearly goals but never achieve them. We, at OnePitch, are here to help by compiling a checklist of items to help you determine how your goals are progressing.

Look Back

In order to look forward at the rest of the year, it’s important to understand what you have already done. The first step in evaluating your progress towards your end of year goals is to look at the specific goals you set at the beginning of the year. Ideally these would be documented somewhere with easy access along with your methodology of how you came up with them. The second step would be to look at all of your efforts up to the current point, develop a clear understanding of what specific measures you took to reach those goals, AND understand how each task has helped you progress towards them.

Cost Analysis

With a well rounded understanding of your efforts for the past six months, the next step would be to analyze the costs. The cost analysis goes beyond the monetary costs of tools, software and other resources and should also include the time spent on each of your initiatives. Especially in the public relations space, your time is already scarce and priorities need to be placed on the efforts that provide the best results for your organizational goals.

Make Adjustments

By comparing the results you got with the time and resources you already spent, you will be able to make decisions on how to adjust your plans and goals moving forward. Some of these adjustments could be to methods, timelines or projections and should adhere to SMART principles. Adjusting your goals to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound will increase your chance of hitting goals when the end of the year rolls around.

While it’s always good to look at long term goals and progress, this process can and should be applied on a micro level as well. At OnePitch, we track progress and make small adjustments on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to ensure we are never too far off from our much bigger annual and semi annual goals.