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9 Predictions on the Future of Public Relations

9 Predictions On The Future Of Public Relations

In the contemporary world, having a good public relations team helps shape a strong brand image. It helps to spread the brand’s vision to the audience and builds a strong communication base. In the age of social media, it is comparatively easier to create a robust brand image, but it is also easier to spread rumors, leading to negative publicity.

This is where the public relations team plays a crucial role by minimizing the effect of negative publicity. A public relations team plays a key role in crisis management, relationship management, image management, and resource management.

Let’s delve deeper into some important predictions related to the public relations domain that will shape the future of the public relations industry.


1. Influencer marketing will be crucial

“Share of influencer and social media will increase.”

By: Natasha Durrani, Director at Media Matters Communication

Influencer marketing has become an integral part of many top brand’s marketing strategies. The role of influencer marketing is slowly changing as more influencers are focused on delivering authentic content. There is a growing concern among people about what causes the influencers they follow are supporting. They also look into their political beliefs and social concern.

Businesses have to be very careful about the influencers they are choosing to represent their brand. They have to vet them meticulously before finalizing; the public relations team will also play a crucial role in choosing an influencer to represent their brands. The share of influencer marketing and social media will increase.


2. More transparency between public affairs, marketing communications, and the corporate reputation management team

“I think there will be a further integration and blurring of the lines between PR and marketing.”

By: JBLHComms, Award-Winning PR Consultant & Writer

Most PR agencies have dedicated teams to handle different functions, and they report to different departments. This creates a communication gap within the organization that leads to poor customer experience and client management. The walls between teams such as public affairs, marketing communications, and corporate reputation management will be demolished and more transparent. In the age of social media, these rigidities are counterproductive and don’t go well when it comes to boosting the customer experience.


3. AI in PR

“AI for assessing both audience and collaborators”

By: J Simpson, Cultural Activist, Developer & Graphic Designer

Artificial intelligence technology has proved to be a game-changer for many segments, and the PR domain can equally benefit from its use. AI can help with press releases, social media content, and influencer engagement for brands. Automation of repetitive tasks will help people focus on the crucial aspects of their job in the PR domain.

AI can help PR agencies simplify client operations, create new experiences to boost a brand’s reputation, draft emails, convert texts to speech, build a hyper-targeted media list, etc. It will be rigorously used for assessing both audience and collaborators to improve the marketing game.


4. A pivotal role in brand building

“Communications professionals would shape 3 things:

  1. Stories that make Leaders
  2. Stories that Influencers make
  3. Brands that are a resultant of 1&2.”

By: Satya Yerramilli, Builds Brands and Businesses

In the contemporary digital age, the brand-building process requires connecting with customers personally instead of just pushing their product or service-related marketing communication. Engagement plays a crucial role in creating a good brand image, and that’s what PR is all about.

Informing consumers about a product or a service instead of blindly promoting your products will help you in brand building. Public relations professionals will need to learn about the tools that can help them provide detailed customer insights.


5. New platforms and multi-media content

“More owned. More virtual. More brands using social for PR. And is it possible to see even more podcasting?”

By: Marie Cook, PR & Communications for BenchSci

In the coming years, the PR domain will be more diversified than ever. In a world dominated by social media, plenty of new platforms help shape public opinion. PR department will need to incorporate different types of platforms into their strategy. In addition to this, various types of content are being used on social media to communicate and deliver a message. PR teams will need to leverage multi-media content to communicate with the customers effectively.


6. Customer service & community management will be done by the public relations team

“Focus on Community will be at the forefront. As businesses try to build The connection with those closest around the business or brand.”

By: Chandra, Publicist & Business Consultant

In the era of social media, it is easier to influence a brand’s reputation easily, either positively or negatively. Earlier, a dissatisfied customer only had an option to share their experience with close friends and family. Today, they can tweet about it or share their reviews on different social media platforms.

A lot depends on the type of service being delivered to the customers. Since customer service can heavily impact a brand’s reputation, it will be actively managed by the public relations team in the future period.


7. More informative content

“Long-form and short-form content, less sales led and more informative.”

By: Debbie Betteridge, Senior Client Lead at Transform Communications

In the contemporary era, brands are not trying to force a product or a service on the consumers. Rather, they are trying to assess what the consumers need and then creating a relevant product. This will change how the PR segment functions. The communications with the customers will be based on informative content rather than having sales-led content to convince the customers.


8. PR will need a human touch

“I believe that more human and more value to reader will become the core. The question for the PR is why someone would want to read it?”

By: Nicc Lewis, Expozive

The PR industry will need to have a human touch in its communications strategy, and it should not feel like robotic communication. A focus on reader-centric content with a human touch will be essential for all PR firms. 


9. Upskilling will be essential for PR professionals

“I think the biggest change will be that PR’s will gain new skillsets (which maybe were not needed before) such as becoming experts in customer tracking, traffic and conversions as digital allows us to track campaigns better”

By: David White, Director of Content Marketing at Connective3

Since the lines between PR and marketing will blur, PR professionals will need to upskill themselves and learn relevant skills such as customer tracking, traffic generation, conversion. They will need to learn about digital marketing and customer management to stay relevant in the long run.


These were some of the most interesting predictions related to the public relations section and PR professionals. Do you have any you would like to share? Click any of the links below and tell us what your predictions are fro the future of public relations.

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